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Tequila Little Time with Hips

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Deanna Nemes (USA) - March 2021
Tequila Little Time - Jon Pardi
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[1-8] Step wide Rt-LT, shake hips, Rock recover, ½ shuffle
1-2Step forward RT, step LT next to RT (wide stance)
3&4Shake hips RT-LT-RT
5-6Rock forward LT, Recover RT
7&8LT ½ turn Shuffle LT-RT-LT (now facing 6:00)

[9-16] Full LT turn, step rt 1/4, cross shuffle, ¼ turn, ¼ turn
9-10Step right full turn over left shoulder, step left forward (still facing 6:00)
11-12Step forward right ¼ turn over left shoulder, put weight on LT foot (facing 3:00)
13&14cross shuffle Rt over left RT-LT-RT
15-16¼ RT stepping back on to LT foot (6:00), ¼ RT stepping side RT (facing 9:00)
**Restart @ 16 cts on Wall 7 (6:00) modify step 16 to a ¼ turn hitch with the right leg (restart facing 3:00)

[17-24] Cross Shuffle, Side RT together LT, back shuffle RT-LT-RT, Hip bump diagonal back LT, Recover RT
17&18Cross shuffle LT over RT LT-RT-LT
19-20Step RT to side RT, bring LT to RT
21&22Shuffle Back RT-LT-RT
23-24Touch LT toe diagonal back LT (bump LT hip), recover front RT

[25-32] Step LT ½ pivot, Shuffle forward LT-RT-LT, Hip bump diagonal forward RT, Recover LT, Rock back RT, Recover LT
25-26Forward LT, ½ pivot right stepping onto RT (now facing 3:00)
27&28Shuffle forward LT-RT-LT
29-30Touch RT toe diagonal Forward RT (bump RT hip), recover back LT
31-32Rock back RT, recover forward LT
***End Dance crossing LT leg over RT on ct 17

Life Happens. Just. Keep. Dancing.


Liz11766 March 22, 2021
This dance is fun to do and flows beautifully with the music. It’s a keeper!!

Deitz March 28, 2021
Great dance. Thank you!

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