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Tequila Time 4 All

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Improver - Funky WCS
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL)
Tequila by Madison Cowboy ft. Dj Robbie & Fabby T. (iTunes)
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Start dancing at (17 sec) after “Baba Buh Baba Buh”

Sec 1: [1-8] Brush, Side (knee bend), Heel Grind ¼ Turn R, Back, Heel, ¼ R, Replace, Touch.
1-2Brush Rf forward, step Lf to the left. (12:00)
3-4Bending both knees slightly, heel grind with Rf (toes from left to right) turn ¼ right (3) step Lf back weight onto Lf.
5-6Step Rf back, bring L heel forward (toe up).
7-8Step Lf back in place turn ¼ right (6), touch Rf next to Lf.

Sec 2: [9-16] R Dorothy Step, Side Rock, Recover, L Dorothy Step ¼ L, Side Rock, Recover.
1,2&Step Rf diagonal forward, lock Lf behind Rf, step Rf diagonal forward.
3-4Rock Lf to the left, recover on Rf.
5,6&Turn ¼ left (3) step Lf diagonal forward, lock Rf behind Lf, step Lf diagonal forward.
7-8Rock Rf to the right, recover on Lf.
Restarts here WALL 3/7 after 16 count (facing 6 o’clock) after start again (facing 9 o’clock).

Sec 3: [17-24] Side Rock, Recover, Sailor ¼ L, Fwd Rock, Recover, ¼ L, Side, Touch.
1-2Rock Rf to the right, recover on Lf. (3:00)
3&4Step Rf behind Lf, turn ¼ right (12) step Lf to the left, step Rf forward.
5-6Rock Lf forward, recover on Rf.
7-8Turn ¼ left (9) step Lf to the left, touch Rf next to Lf.

Sec 4: [25-32] Side Jump, Hold, Side Jump, Hold, Jump Feet Apart Fwd (Clap), Jump Feet Apart Fwd (Clap).
&1-2Small jump to the right, touch Lf together, Hold.
&3-4Small jump to the left, touch Rf together, Hold.
&5-6Jump Both Feet Apart slightly forward (&7), Hold (Clap).
&7&8Jump Both Feet Apart slightly forward (&5), Hold (Clap) ending weight onto Lf.

Sec 5: [33-40] Back, Point, Back, Point, Wobble.
1-2Step Rf back, point Lf out to left. (9:00)
3-4Step Lf back, point Rf out to right.
5-6Step Rf back, recover on Lf.
7-8Recover on Rf, recover on Lf.

Sec 6: [41-48] Step, ½ R, Back, Back, Point Fwd, Down Up, Step, Point.
1-2Step Rf slightly forward, turn ½ right (3) step Lf back.
3-4Step Rf back, point Lf forward.
5-6Dip body down, coming up weight onto Rf.
7-8Step Lf forward, point Rf out to right.

Start again and have fun!



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