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Low Intermediate waltz
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - February 2014
Thankful - CĂ©line Dion
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Dance starts after 24 counts on vocals (Start weight on RF)

Section 1: Diamond fall away
1-3cross LF over RF, step RF back diagonal, step LF back (facing 10.30)
4-6step RF behind L, step LF to L side (9.00), step RF forward to diagonal (7.30)

Section 2: Diamond fall away
1-6repeat section 1, this should take you back to starting position.

Section 3: 1/2 turn travelling basics x2
1-3step LF forward (1.30), 1/4 turn L stepping RF to R side, 1/4 turn L stepping LF back (7.30)
4-6step RF back, 1/4 turn L stepping LF to L side, 1/4 turn L stepping RF forward (1.30)

Section 4: Step sweep, cross back side 1/4 turn
1-3step LF forward, sweep RF from back to front making 1/8 turn (facing 12.00) keep weight on LF
4-6cross RF over LF, step LF back diagonal, 1/4 turn R stepping RF to R side (3.00)

Section 5: Cross back side making 1/2 turn left, twinkle
1-3cross LF over RF, 1/4 turn L stepping RF back (12.00), 1/4 turn L stepping LF to L side
4-6cross RF over L, step LF forward to L diagonal, step RF forward to R diagonal (twinkle)

Section 6: Step, 1/4 point, hold, cross point hold
1-3step LF forward, 1/4 turn L pointing RF to R side, Hold (6.00)
4-6cross RF over LF, point LF to L side, Hold

Section 7: Twinkle, cross side behind (weave)
1-3step LF slightly cross RF, step RF forward, step LF forward to diagonal (twinkle)
4-6cross RF over LF, step LF to L side, cross RF behind LF

Section 8: Large step left, drag right next to left, full turn right
1-3take a large step to L dragging RF beside L (keeping weight on LF)
4-6rolling turn to R, stepping R,L,R (facing 7.30)

Start again.

*TAG* happens after wall 7
Forward basic, back basic
1-3step LF forward diagonal, rock RF forward, recover onto LF
4-6step RF back diagonal, rock LF back, recover onto RF, (7.30)

Restarts on walls 3 and 6 after count 36, (cross, point, hold)



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