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That Could Be Dangerous

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High Beginner
Kathleen Crocker (USA) - March 2022
Dangerous - Morgan Wallen
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[1 - 8] Heel, Toe Kick Ball Change, Rock Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle
1-2Place right heel forward, touch right toe back
3&4Kick right foot forward, step back on the ball of the right foot, step left forward
5-6Rock forward on right foot, recover back on left foot
7&8Turn ½ turn over right shoulder stepping right left right

[9 -16] Heel, Toe Kick Ball Change, Step ¼ Turn, Crossing Triple Step
1-2Place left heel forward, touch left toe back
3&4Kick left foot forward, step back on the ball of the left foot, step right forward
5-6Step left foot forward, turn ¼ turn to right (9:00)
7&8Cross left foot over right, step right to right side, cross left over right

[17 - 24] Side Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock ¼ Turn, Coaster Step
1-2Rock right foot to right side, recover on left foot
3&4Cross right foot behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5-6Rock left foot to left side making a ¼ turn (taking weight on right)
7&8Step left foot back, step right foot back next to left, step forward left

[25 - 32] Press Steps x 2, Step ½ Turn, Step ¼ Turn
1-2&Rock forward right, recover on left, step right next to left
3-4&Rock forward left, recover on right, step left next to right
5-6Step right foot forward making a ½ turn over left shoulder
7 8Step right forward making a ¼ turn over left shoulder (9:00)

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