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That Magic Moment

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Jeff Gardner
Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray
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Start dance after 12 beats
1-3Waltz back at 45 degrees right (right-left-right)
4-6Waltz back at 45 degrees left (left-right-left)
7-9Turn ¾ turn to right traveling forward stepping right-left-right
10-12Cross left over right, step right to side, rock to left side
13-15Cross right over left, turn ¼ turn right & step back on left, step right together
16-18Waltz back left-right-left
19-24Step forward right & turn ½ turn right, step back on left
 Turn ½ turn right & step forward right
 Turn ½ turn right & step back left, step back right
 Rock forward left (3 x ½ pivots right, right-left-right)
25-27Step forward right & turn ¼ turn left, step together left-right
28-30Step forward & turn ½ turn right, step together right-left
31-33Waltz forward right-left-right
34-36Turn ¾ turn to left & traveling forward step left-right-left
37-39Cross right over left, step left to side, rock to right side
40-42Cross left over right, turn ¼ turn left & step back on right, step left together
43-45Step forward on right, point left toe forward, point left toe to left side
46-48Step forward on left, point right toe forward, point right toe to right side

This song is broken up into 48-48-3-48-48-3-48-16 beats. After doing the 2nd & 4th walls, do a 3 beat curtsy (cross right over left bending knees, tap left toe behind right while tipping hat, step left in place).


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