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That's Not My Name

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MC Richardson & Eugene Walls (USA) - March 2019
That's Not My Name (U.S Radio Edit) - The Ting Tings : (Album: NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol 31 - 3:28)
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Intro – 16 Counts - Starts on vocals
No restarts
Tag: 6 counts after walls 2 and 6

[1-7] Cross/Back, Back Rock/Recover/Pivot, ½ Pivot,
1-2Cross R over L, Step L back
3-4-5Rock back on R, Recover L, Pivot ½ right (weight on R) [6:00]
6-7Step L forward, Pivot ½ right (weight on R) [12:00]
[8-16] Toe Strut, ¼ Turn Toe Strut, ½ Turn,
8-1Step forward on L toe, Drop L heel
2-3While turning ¼ left, step to right side on R toe, Drop R heel [9:00]
4Step back on L turning ½ left [3:00]
5-6Cross rock R over L, Recover L
7&Step R to right side, Step on ball of L next to R
8&Step R forward turning ¼ right, Step on ball of L next to R [6:00]

[17-24] Rock/Recover, Back/Side Rock/Recover, Back/Side Rock/Recover
1-2Hop/rock forward on R, Hop back/recover on L
3-4-5Step R behind L, Rock to left on L, Recover R
6-7-8Step L behind R, Rock to right on R, Recover L

[25-32] ¾ Spiral Turn into Hitch, Rock/Recover, Step Back with Sweep, Behind, ¼ Right Turn, Step Forward with Sweep
1-2Touch R toe behind L, Spiral turn ¾ right ending in R hitch [3:00]
3-4Rock forward on R, Recover L
5Step R back while sweeping L from front to back
6-7Step L behind R, Step R forward turning ¼ R [6:00]
8Step L forward while sweeping R from back to front

1-2Cross R over L, Hold
3-4Step L back, Hold
5-6Rock back on R, Recover L sweeping R from back to front

Have fun!

MC Richardson –
Eugene Walls -

*Other versions are available, but many are more than five minutes long. One version that is shorter is That’s Not My Name (Soul Seekerz Dirty Radio Remix) from the album That’s Not My Name: The Remixes. If you use that version, simply take out the tags.


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