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The Clyde

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Jim Ferrazzano
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1-4Tap left heel forward twice, tap left toe to left side twice.
5-6Tap left heel forward, tap left toe to left side.
7&8Left sailor shuffle.
9-12Tap right heel forward twice, tap right toe to right side twice.
13-14Tap right heel forward, tap right toe to left side.
15&16Right sailor shuffle.
17&18Left sailor shuffle (in place).
19&20Right sailor shuffle (in place).
21-22Step forward left, slide right behind left.
23-24Step forward left, cross right over left & make ¼ turn to left stepping on right.
25-28Grapevine left, stomp right beside left.



Chantre March 24, 2016
Hallo, die Stepsheet stimmt nicht mit dem Video überein. Laut Choreo sind es 28 cts., beim Video sinds 32 cts. Beim Video ist es am Schluss auch kein grapevine. Was ist jetzt richtig? Passend zur Musik wären die 32cts.

bogey August 8, 2017
Video is different from step sheet

eagleham777 October 10, 2018
Does anyone know how to contact the choreographer Jim Ferrazzano? I would like to clarify the discrepancy between the video and the step sheet. Thanks

Tom @ CRRC August 3, 2021
I was dancing this back in the late '80s. Beginning at count 17 we danced 4 consecutive sailor steps, as shown in the demo. That puts the missing 4 counts in between the counts 20 and 21 of the stepsheet, and they become 21&22 23&24. The last 8 counts, now 25-32 (instead of 21-28), are very much like the demo except we did a final sailor step on a right lead as 31&32 rather than the RLR stomps in the video. Not a biggie. (Just in case anyone from that era remembers this dance, does the ATO venue ring a bell? And we danced it to Waylon's "Clyde", and sometimes to Rodney Crowell's "Stars on the Water".)

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