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The Devil
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Silvia Schill – November 2017
The Wandering Hearts - Devil
The dance begins after 36 beats with the use of the man's song.

¼ Turn R, ½ Turn R, ½ Turn R/Shuffle Forward, Rock Forward-Back-Heel-Back-Heel &
1-2¼ turn right and step forward with RF – ½ turn right and step back with LF (9 o’clock)
3&4½ turn right and step forward with RF (3 o’clock) – LF beside RF and step forward with RF
5-6Step forward with LF, RF slightly up, weight back on RF
&7Small step backwards with LF and touch right heel at the front
&8Small step backwards with RF and touch left heel at the front
&LF beside RF

Rock Forward, Sailor Step Turning ¼ R, Step, Pivot ¼ R, Shuffle Across
1-2Step forward with RF, LF slightly up, weight back on LF
3&4RF cross behind LF – ¼ turn right, LF beside RF and step forward with RF (6 o’clock)
5-6Step forward with LF – ¼ turn right onto balls, weight at the end right (9 o’clock)
7&8Cross LF far over RF - Pull RF on LF and cross LF far over RF
Tag/Restart: In the second round - 6 o'clock - and in the 5th round - 9 o'clock - stop here, dance the Tag and then start again

Rock Side, Behind-¼ Turn L-Step, ⅛ Turn L/Heel & Touch & ⅛ Turn L/Heel & Scuff
1-2Step with the RF to right side, LF slightly up – weight back on LF
3&4RF cross behind LF – ¼ turn left, step forward with LF and step forward with RF (6 o’clock)
5& 1/8 turn left, left heel touch forward and LF beside RF (4:30)
6&RF touch beside LF and RF beside LF
7&8 1/8 turn left and left heel touch forward (3 o’clock) – LF beside RF and swing RF forward, grind heel on the ground

Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Heel & Cross, ¼ Turn L, ¼ Turn L, Touch
1-2RF cross over LF – step with the LF to left side
3&RF cross behind LF and step with the LF to the left side
4&Touch right heel diagonally forward and RF beside LF
5-6LF cross over RF – ¼ turn left and step back with RF (12 o’clock)
7-8¼ turn left and step with LF to left side (9 o’clock) – RF touch beside LF

Repeat until the end

Tag: (after the end of the 3rd and 9th round - 3 clock / 9 clock) Point & Point & Point, Hook
1&Right toe touch to the right side and RF beside LF
2&Left toe touch to the left side and LF beside RF
3-4Touch right toe to the right side - lift RF in front of left shin (upper body already turn a little bit to the right side)

Have fun with the dance!!!

For any errors in the translation there is no guarantee!
Contact: birgit.golejewski@gmail.com www.country-linedancer.de

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