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The Good Parts

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Amy Glass (USA) - January 2018
The Good Parts - Andy Grammer : (iTunes)
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Approx. 40 Count Intro. (Starts at about 40 seconds into the track when bass kicks in)
Restart after 2 counts on wall 3 (facing 6:00)

[1-8] Fwd Diagonal, Cross, R Scissor, Side, Back Rock Recover, 1/4 L, 1/2 L
1-2Step RF to R diagonal, Cross LF over RF
**Wall 3 facing 6:00, restart here
3&4Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Cross RF over LF
&56Step LF to L, Rock Back on RF [opening up to diagonal (1:30)], Recover weight on LF
71/4 L stepping back on RF (9:00)
81/2 L stepping forward on LF (3:00)

[9-16] 1/2 L, Collect, Fwd, Rock L, Recover, Back, Open, Point, Walk x2, Rock, Recover
&1Turn 1/2 L Stepping on RF, Collect LF next to RF (9:00)
2-3&4Step forward on RF, Rock fwd on LF, Recover weight on RF, Step Back on LF
&5Open back up to 12:00 Stepping RF to R and turning 1/4 R, Point LF to L
6-7Recover weight on LF while turning 1/4 L, Walk forward R (9:00)
8&Rock fwd on LF, Recover weight on RF

[17-25] NC Basic L, 1/4 R, Chase 1/2 R, Smooth Walk x2, Step Pivot 3/4 L
1-2&Step LF to L, Collect RF next to LF, Cross LF over RF
31/4 R stepping fwd on RF
4&5Step fwd on LF, Pivot 1/2 R, Step Fwd L
6-7Walk fwd R, L
8&Step fwd R, Pivot 3/4 L (9:00)

[25-32] Side R, Behind, Side, Cross Rock Recover, Side, Cross, Sway L/R, Basic L
1-2&Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R
3-4Cross rock LF over RF, Recover weight on RF
5-6Step LF to L while swaying L, Sway R
7-8&Step LF to L, Collect RF next to LF, Cross LF over RF

Ending: Dance through the piano solo—your steps should be on the piano notes. You will finish after the rock recover, back (counts 11-12). Finish by stepping back rather than opening up 1/4 to the R so you will finish facing 12:00.

I hope you take the time to listen to the lyrics and enjoy the dance. Really powerful message.



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