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The Long Road

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Novice WCS
Martina Bucco (DE) - November 2020
The Long Road - Yvonne Fahy & Marc Roberts : (Album: Yvonne Fahy - Diversity)
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[1-8] Walk 2x,Steps in place 3x,Chassee 1/2 turn,Coaster Step 1/2 turn
1-2RF step forward,LF step forward
3&4RF step behind LF,LF step in Place,RF step in place
5&6LF step left with 1/4 turn left,RF step beside LF,LF step forward with 1/4 turn left
7&8RFs tep back with 1/2 turn left,LF step beside RF,RF step forward

[9-16] Side Rock,Cross,Side Rock,Cross,Shuffle,Step 1/2turn
1&2LF step left(weight LF),weight back to RF,LF cross over RF
3&4RF step right(weight RF),weight back to LF,RF cross over LF
5&6LF step forward,RF step behind LF,LF step forward
7-8RF step forward,1/2 turn left on both feets

[17-32] Repeat counts 1-16
At beginning of wall two dance counts 1-16 only one time.Continue with counts 33-64.

[33-40] Box,Step 1/2 turn,Step,Touch,Step,Touch
1&2RF step right,LF step beside RF,RF step back
3&4LF step left,RF step beside LF,LF step forward
5&6RF touch forward,1/4 turn left(change weight to RF),1/4 turn left
7&8LF step diagonal left forward,RF touch beside LF,RF step diagonal right forward,LF touch beside RF
(Option:With slightly bent knee,Turn the knee slightly outwards)

[41-48] Cross Over,Step Back, Step Diagonal Back,Cross Over,Step Back,Step Diagonal Back,Paddle Turn
1&2LF cross over RF ,RF step back, LF step left
3&4RF cross over RF ,LF step back, RF Step right
5-6RF 1/4 turn right, LF touch left, 1/4 turn right, LF touch left
7-8RF 1/4 turn right, LF touch left, 1/4 turn right, LF touch left
Instrumental Part: Dance only Part 33-48.Count 48 LF step beside RF. Start the dance again.

[49-56] Touch Step 2x, Kick Ball step, Cross Over, Step
1-2LF touch forward with hip bump,LF step forward
3-4RF touch forward with hip bump, RF step forward
5&6LF kick forward, LF step next to RF,RF step forward
7&8LF cross over RF, RF step back with 1/4 turn left, LF step LF

[57-64] Heel Turn,Coaster Step,Step,1/2 Turn,Step,1/2 Turn,1/2 Turn,Step
1&2RF step on heel, 1/4 turn right, LF step back, RF step back
3&4LF step back, RF step beside LF, LF step forward
5&6RF step forward, 1/2 turn left (change weight to LF),RF step forward
7&8LF step back with 1/2 turn right, RF step forward with 1/2 turn right,LF step forward

Enjoy Dancing :-)


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