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The Money Dance

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Phrased Intermediate
Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) & Willie Brown (SCO) - March 2021
Money Dance - LunchMoney Lewis
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Intro : 16 counts, starting on vocals (approx 6 seconds)

Part A - always danced twice :
[1-8] L Forward, R Jazz Box, Cross, Side, Hold, Tic-Toc 1/4 L
1-2-3-4L diagonal forward, R cross, L back (square to 12h), R side
5-6-7L cross, R side, Hold
&8L heel swivel in, R heel swivel out finishing ¼ turn L (9h)

[1-8] L Back, Kick, Behind, 1/4 L, Step, Point, Hold, Shoulder Pops
1-2-3-4L back, Kick R side, R behind, ¼ L onto L foot (6h)
5-6-7R forward, L point side, Hold
&8Pop R shoulder up (L shoulder down), Pop L shoulder up (R shoulder down)

[1-8] Walk LR, Rock, Recover, 1/2 L, Scuff, Out-Out
1-2-3-4Walk forward L-R, Rock L forward, Recover
5-6-7½ L onto L foot, Scuff R forward and out over 2 counts (6-7)
&8Step R to side, Step L to side (weight on both feet, shoulder width apart)

[1-8] Touch, Step 1/8 R, Touch, Step 1/8 R, Touch, Step 1/4 R, Hold, Ball-Step
1-2Rotating gradually 1/2 R over next 6 counts: Touch R in, Step R to diagonal R (1h)
3-4Touch L in, Step L to side (3h)
5-6-7Touch R in, Step R side-ish (6h), Hold
&8Step L next to R, Step R forward to start A again.

Part B - only danced at 12h :
[1-8] L Step, Pivot 1/2, Step, Pivot 1/4, Knee Roll, Hold, Clap Clap
1-2L forward, Pivot ½ R onto R foot (6h)
3-4L forward, Pivot ¼ R onto R foot (9h)
5-6-7L Knee roll in, roll out, Hold (weight on both feet)
&8Clap Clap

[1-8] R Cross, Back, Side, Cross, Back, Side, Hold, Clap Clap
1-2-3R cross, L back, R side
4-5-6-7L cross, R back, L side, Hold
&8Clap Clap

[1-8] R Toe-Heel, Heel-Grind, Step in Place, Hold, Heel Bounces x2 with 1/4 R
1-2Touch R toe in place (knee turned in), Touch R heel in place (leg turned out)
3-4Rock across onto R heel (grind), Recover on L to L side
5-6-7R slightly back, L forward (weight on both feet), Hold
&8Lift and drop both heels x2 whilst making ¼ R, weight ending on L (12h)

[1-8] R Rock Back, Recover, Step, Pivot 1/2, Hip Circles x2
1-2-3-4R rock back, Recover, R forward, Pivot ½ L onto L foot (6h)
5-6Step R to side starting Hip Circle from L to R (CCW) ending with weight on R
7-8Return Hip Circle from R to L (CW) ending with weight on L

Part C - the first C happens at 6h. Consecutive C's are danced on both walls (12h and 6h) :
[1-8] R Point In-Out, Side, Drag, Close, « Deal The Money »
1-2-3-4Point R side, Touch R in, R long step side, Drag L in, Close L next to R
5-6-7-8Hand movements : Hands in front, L palm facing up, R palm facing down over L.
With R hand brush outwards from palm of L hand 4 times, as if dealing cards (or distributing money).

[1-8] L Vine, Touch, « Deal The Money »
1-2-3-4L side, R behind, L side, Touch R next to L
5-6-7-8Same hand movements as in the preceding 8 section, but with the opposite hands
(as for left-handed deal)

[1-8] R Kick, Kick, Kick, Toe Struts x2
1-2Kick R forward, Bring R leg through to Kick R back
3-4Bring R leg through with ¼ R to Kick R forward, Leave R leg in the air
5-6Touch R toe forward, Drop heel with weight
7-8Touch L toe forward, Drop heel with weight

[1-8] R Jazz Box, Out-Out, Hip Circle
1-2-3-4R cross, ¼ R stepping back on L, R side, L forward
&5Step R slightly out, Step L slightly out (weight on both feet)
6-7-8Roll hips from L to R (CCW)
(Weight ends on R when followed by A or B. Weight ends on L when followed by another C or the TAG.)

TAG - facing 6h, after 2 consecutive C's
[1-8] R Side, Touch, Side, Touch, 2x Step 1/4 with Hip Roll
1-2R side (body angles to L diagonal), Touch L next to R
3-4L side (body angles to R diagonal), Touch R next to L
5-6Press R forward, Pivot ¼ L onto L foot as hips circle L to R (CCW) (3h)
7-8Press R forward, Pivot ¼ L onto L foot as hips circle L to R (CCW) (12h)

[1-8] Repeat all 8 counts of the previous section, ending at 6h

[1-8] Toe Struts Back x4
1-2-3-4R toe back, Drop heel with weight, L toe back, Drop heel with weight
5-6-7-8R toe back, Drop heel with weight, L toe back, Drop heel with weight

[1-8] Step-touch, Hold, Step-touch, Hold, Step-Lock, Unwind 1/2
&1-2R to side slightly forward, Touch L next to R, Hold
&3-4L to side slightly forward, Touch R next to L, Hold
&5R to side slightly forward, Lock L behind R
6-7-8Unwind ½ L over 3 counts (12h)

[1-4] « Deal The Money »
1-2-3-4Feet slightly apart, 4x the hand movements as in part C « Deal The Money »
(end with weight on R to follow with Part B)


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