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The Nearest To Perfect

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Marja Urgert (NL) & Jan Van Tiggelen (NL) - April 2018
The Nearest To Perfect - Owen Mac
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Intro: 16 Counts

Cross Over, Side Rock, Recover X2
1-2-3LF. Cross over RF - RF. Rock to R side - LF. Recover
4-5-6RF. Cross over LF - LF. Rock to L side - RF. Recover

L Twinkle Back, Behind, 1/4 Turn L, Step Fwd
1-2-3LF. Cross behind RF - RF. Step to R side - LF. Step on place
4-5-6RF. Cross behind LF - LF. 1/4 Turn L step fwd - RF. Step fwd (9:00)

Step Fwd, Point Fwd, Touch Toe across LF, Step Fwd, Touch Toe Behind, Step Back
1-2-3LF. Step fwd - RF. Touch toe fwd - RF. Touch toe across LF
4-5-6RF. Step fwd - LF. Touch toe behind RF - LF. Step back

Step Back, 1/4 Turn L, Touch, Step Fwd, Together, Step Fwd
1-2-3RF. Step back - LF. 1/4 Turn L step to L side - RF. Touch toe beside LF
4-5-6RF. Step fwd - LF. Step beside RF - RF. Step fwd

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nona April 15, 2018
Owen Mac has such a beautiful voice! Love his songs! Thank you Marja Urgert and Jan Van Tiggelin for this lovely 24 count waltz!

Keep on Dancin August 16, 2018
I agree with Nona--pretty, pretty song and a sweet dance for all levels--love it!

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