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The New 20s

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Britt Beresik (USA) - May 2021
A Little Swing Party (Welcome to the New 20s) - Gold Standard Music
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#32 count Intro, starts on lyrics - No Tags, No Restarts

This dance was inspired by the 2021 Vegas Dance Explosion dance theme "Roaring 20s" and created as a floor-split to the Intermediate Line Dance "A Little Party" by Ruben Luna & Jill Babinec (2013). Both dances can be done to this track with No Tags, No Restarts!* Here's to the 20-20s!

[1-8] R Kick, R Kick, Step R Back, L Touch, Step Charleston (straight forward)
1-2 Kick R fwd twice
3-4 Step R back, Touch L toe back
5-6 Step L fwd, Kick R fwd
7-8 Step R back, Touch L toe back [12:00]

[9-16] L Step, ½Pivot R, L Shuffle Fwd, V Step
1-2 Step L fwd, ½ Pivot turn R (taking weight on R) [6:00]
3&4 Step L fwd, Step R together with L, Step L fwd
5-6 Step R fwd and out (arms up to right), Step L fwd and out (arms up to left)
7-8Step R back and in (arms down to right), Step L back and in together with R (arms down to left) [6:00]

[17-24] R Side Step, L Flick, L Side Step, R Cross, L Side Step with 3 Sways, Small Hitch with ¼R
1-2 Step R to right side (arms bent with hands flexed in front), Flick L behind R at 90 degrees (swing arms at elbows counter-clockwise to right side)
3-4 Step L to left side, Cross R over L
5-6 Step L to left side and sway hips to left (wave arms left bent at the elbows), Sway hips right (wave arms right bent at the elbows)
7-8 Sway hips left (wave arms left bent at the elbows), Pivot on L ball and ¼ turn R with small R Hitch [9:00]

[25-32] (diagonals) R Step, L Touch, L Step, R Touch, Jazz Box
1-2 Step R to right diagonal bending knees, Touch L next to R with straightened knees
3-4 Step L to left diagonal bending knees, Touch R next to L with straightened knees
5-6 Cross R over L, Step L back
7-8 Step R to right side, Step L slightly fwd in front of R

Ending: Unwind ½ turn R after the last Jazz Box!
*If danced as a floor split to A LITTLE PARTY by Ruben Luna & Jill Babinec to the original music track "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" by Fergie, the following modifications will be needed:

RESTART after 16 counts on Walls 4 & 8, modifying the V step as a ¼R to the 12:00
On Wall 13, dance all 32 counts, but modify the Jazz box to ¼R to the 12:00

Britt Beresik with Cross The Line Dancing-Houston

Last Updated: 5/4/2021


Cav513 May 5, 2021
What a great demo, Britt.

Carolyn May 5, 2021
Love the video production Britt! Such a talented dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, video producer, Mother & wife. Keep up the good work as it appears to be paying off with many opportunities that were maybe only dreams last year.

BrittB May 10, 2021
Thank you so much! Just doing what I love to do! So glad I can contribute to our line dance community in my own ways :)

Pony Chen May 11, 2021

Pony Chen May 11, 2021
Well-down Britt Beresik !!!

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