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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
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Laurent Chalon (Belgium – July 2017)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down par Camille Sanders
Intro: Start directly

Section 1: Side Rock, Back cross rock, side, cross touch, ¾ turn, ¼ turn side step
1-2LF Side Rock
3-4LF Back Cross Rock
5LF Side Step to the left
6RF Touch Behind LF
7RF Pose the heel with 3/4 turn to the right
8LF 1/4 turn right, side step to the left

Section 2: cross touch, vine 1/4 turn, Kick, Jazz box
1RF Touch Behind LF
2-3-4RF Vine 1/4 turn right
5LF Kick
6LF cross over RF
7RF back
8LF to the left

Section 3: Cross, Side Point, ¼ turn step back, Back Point, Rock fwd 1/2 turn, Toe Strut
1RF cross over LF
2LF Point to the left
3LF ¼ turn left, step back
4RF back point
5-6RF Rock fwd ½ turn to the right
7-8RF Toe Strut

Section 4: Toe strut ½ turn, back, together, large step fwd, together (drag), step fwd, cross touch
1-2LF Toe strut ½ turn right
3RF Step back
4LF next to RF
5RF large step forward
6LF drag next to RF
7RF Step forward
8LF Touch behind RF
Do the counts 5,6,7 and 8 with the shoulders diagonally to the left

Section 5: Side step, cross touch, Side Step, Kick diagonaly, Behind, Side 1/4 turn, cross, Side Point
1LF To the left
2RF Touch behind LF
3RF To the right
4LF Kick diagonaly left
5LF cross behind RF
6RF ¼ turn right, step forward
7LF cross over RF
8RF Point to the right

Section 6: Hook back, Side Point, Cross, Side Point, Hook back, Side Point, step pivot ½ turn
1RF Hook back
2RF Point to the right
3RF Cross over LF
4LF Point to the left
5LF Hook back
6LF Point to the left
7LF Step fwd
8½ turn right

Section 7: ¼ turn side step, behind Side Cross, Side, touch, Side, Touch
1LF ¼ turn right, side step to the left
2RF behind LF
3LF side step to the left
4RF cross over LF*
* Restart here wall 2 (6h) and 4 (12h)
5LF Side step to the left
6RF Touch next to LF
7RF Side step to the right
8LF Touch next to RF

Section 8: left Rolling Vine, touch, Right Rolling vine, touch
1-2-3LF Left Rolling vine
4RF Touch next to LF
5-6-7RF Right Rolling vine
8LF Touch next to RF

Section 9: Step Pivot ½ turn, Step Lock Step, Step, Large Step Back, together (drag)
1-2LF Step forward, ½ turn right
3-4-5LF Step Lock Step
6RF Step Forward
7LF large step back
8RF drag next to LF
Do the count 8 with the shoulders diagonally to the left

Finish the dance on count 6 in section 4.

Contact : country@webchalon.be - http://countrylinedance.webchalon.be

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