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The Peaceful Valley

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Advanced waltz
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Joey Warren (USA) - September 2015
Up to the Mountain - Patty Griffin
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#15 count intro / 8-9 seconds

S1: Step Half Turn Pivot, Forward Full Turn,
1-2-3Step L fwd, Step R slightly in front of L, ½ Turn L stepping L slightly fwd
4-5-6Step R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping back on L, ½ Turn R stepping fwd on R
* Facing 6 o’clock

S2: Step ¼ Turn Hitch, Cross ¼ - 3/8 Fwd
1-2-3Step fwd on L as you lift R foot to L knee (hitch) turning ¼ L (weight stays on L)
4-5-6Cross R over L, ¼ Turn R stepping back on L, 3/8 Turn R stepping R fwd
* Facing 10:30

S3: Forward Basic Step, ½ Turn Basic
1-2-3Step L fwd, Step R slightly in front of L, Recover back on to L
4-5-6Step back on R, ½ Turn L stepping fwd on L, Step R fwd
* Facing 4:30

S4: Step Sweep 3/8 Turn, Weave ¼ - ¼
1-2-3Start 3/8 Turn L stepping L fwd & sweeping R in front of L (turn over counts 2-3)
4-5-6Finish 3/8 turn crossing R over L, ¼ Turn R stepping back L, ¼ R stepping R to R
* Facing 6 o’clock

S5: Weave ¼ Turn, Back Rock Step
1-2-3Cross L over R, ¼ Turn L stepping back on R, Step L back slightly behind R
4-5-6Step back on R, Rock back on ball of L, Recover R to R side (face R diagonal)
* Facing 4:30

S6: L Twinkle Step, Step Full Turn on Diagonal
1-2-3Cross L over R, Rock R out to R side, Recover L (facing L diagonal)
4-5-6Step R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping L back, ½ Turn R stepping L fwd
* Facing 1:30

S7: Fall Away Diamond w/ Half Turn
1-2-3Step L fwd, ¼ Turn L stepping R out to R, Step back on L
4-5-6Step back on R, ¼ Turn L stepping L out to L, Step R fwd
* Facing 7:30

S8: Step Sweep, Step Sweep 5/8 Turn
1-2-3Step L fwd as you sweep R from back to front over counts 2-3
4-5-6Step down on R as you start 5/8 Turn R sweeping L out and in front of R
(finish the 5/8 over count 5-6) * End facing 3 o’clock

Ending… all the way to count 21 (3/8 sweep)….hold for 4.5.6. Then Step Sweep
L for 123, Step L Sweep R for 456, Then Step R fwd (1), ½ R step L back (2), ½ R step L fwd sweeping R (3).

Contact ~ Joey : - Fred :


Serious Dancer September 25, 2015
This is a beautiful waltz with such powerful and emotional lyrics! I can't hold back my tears.

Sassy Stepper November 5, 2015
This is one of our favorite waltzes of all times. Thank you Fred and Joey for a beautifully choreographed dance to a wonderful piece of music!

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