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The Streets Of Galway
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Phrased Intermediate
Laurent Chalon – Belgium – July 2018
The Streets Of Galway by Stuart Moyles
Sequence : ABC ABC ABC ABC A A B B B*
Intro : 16 counts

Part A : 32 counts
Section A-1: Step Lock Step, Hook back, Step Back, Hook, Step Fwd, Scuff, Step Fwd, Tap Toe Back (x2), Step Back, Heel Fwd, Step Fwd, Step Fwd
1RF, Step forward
&LF, Lock behind RF
2RF, Step forward
&LF, Hook back
3LF, Step back
&RF, Hook
4RF, Step forward
&LF, Scuff
5LF, Step forward
&RF, Tap toe behind LF
6RF, Tap toe behind LF
&RF, Step back
7LF, Heel forward
&LF, Step forward
8RF, Step forward

Section A-2: Mambo Fwd, Coaster Cross, Rumba Box Modified
1LF, Rock forward
&RF, Recover
2LF, Step back
3RF, Step back
&LF, Next to RF
4RF, Cross over LF
5LF, Side Left
&RF, Next to LF
6LF, Forward
7RF, Side right
&LF, Next to RF
8RF, Back

Section A-3: Point, Touch, Tap Heel (2x), Behind Side Cross, Point, Touch, Tap Hell (2x), Behind Side Front
1LF, Point to the left
&LF, Touch next to RF
2LF, Tap Heel to the left
&LF, Tap Heel to the left
3LF, Cross behind RF
&RF, To the right
4LF, Cross over RF
5RF, Point to the right
&RF, Touch next to LF
6RF, Tap Heel to the right
&RF, Tap Heel to the right
7RF, Cross Behind LF
&LF, To the left
8RF, Step Forward

Section A-4*: Step Fwd, Shuffle Fwd, Together, Step Fwd, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Fwd
1LF, Step forward
2&3RF, Shuffle forward (3h)
&LF, Next to RF
4RF, Step forward (6h)
5LF, Walk forward
6RF, Walk forward (9h)
7&8LF, Shuffle forward (12h)
* in a circle to the right

Part B : 16 counts
Section B-1: Tap Toe Back, Step Back, Heel Fwd, Step Fwd, Tap Toe Back, Scuff, Brush back, Flick, Step Back, Hook, Step Fwd, Scuff, Hitch + Jump (x2), Step Fwd, Stomp up
1RF, Tap toe back
&RF, Step back
2LF, Heel forward
&LF, Step forward
3RF, Tap toe back
&RF, Scuff forward
4RF, Brush back
&RF, Flick
5RF, Step back
&LF, Hook forward
6LF, Step forward
&RF, Scuff
7RF, Hitch (heel in front of the right leg) + jump forward LF
&RF, Hitch (heel in front of the right leg) + jump forward LF
8RF, Step forward
&LF, Stomp up next to RF

Section B-2: Heel Fwd, Hook, Heel Fwd, Hitch, Step Back, Brush Bach, Scuff, Hitch + Jump, Step Fwd, Kick, Flick ½ turn, Shuffle Fwd
1LF, Heel forward
&LF, Hook
2LF, Heel forward
&LF, Hitch
3LF, Step back
&RF, Brush back
4RF, Scuff forward
&RF, Hitch (heel in front of the right leg) + jump forward LF
5RF, Step forward
6LF, Kick
&LF, Flick ½ turn right (6h)
7&8LF, Shuffle forward

Part C : 8 counts
Section C-1: Step Pivot ¼ turn, Cross Shuffle, ½ turn, Cross Shuffle, Out, Out, In, In
1RF, Step forward
2RF+LF, Pivot ¼ turn left (3h)
3&4RF, Cross Shuflle
&½ turn left (9h)
5&6LF, Cross Shuffle
&RF, To the right
7LF, To the left
&RF, Back to the center
8LF, Back to the center

Contact : country@webchalon.be - http://countrylinedance.webchalon.be

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