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The Support of Love
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Penny Tan (May 2014)
Ai De Gong Yang by He Cheng Ming
Special for my students in GZ , for their love and support in line dancing .
Intro: 32 counts

SEC1; L Nightclub Basic ,R Nightclub Basic, ¼ Turn R(3.00),L Nightclub Basic, R Fwd ,L Fwd ,Recover
1-2&Step L to L side, cross R behind L, cross L in front of R
3-4&Step R to R side, cross L behind R, cross R in front of L
5-6&¼ turn to R (3.00),step L to L side, cross R behind L ,cross L in front of R
7-8&Step R fwd, step L fwd , recover on R

SEC2: Step Back 1/8 Turn L Cross,Side,1/8 Turn R Side, L Twinkle, R Twinkle, Cross,1/8 Turn R Side ,1/8 turn L Sweep R ,Cross, Touch (3.00)
1&2&Step L back with 1/8 turn to L, Cross R over L, 1/8 turn to R with step R to R side
3&4&Cross L over R, step R to R side , recover on L , cross R over L
5&6&Step L to L side, recover on R , cross L over R , 1/8 turn to R step R to R side
7-8&1/8 turn to L step L fwd with sweep R from back to front, cross R over L, touch L beside R (3.00)
* Do Restart here on wall 3 by making a ¼ turn to R (12.00)

SEC3: ¼ Turn R (6.00) With Back Sweep R- L- R, Back Rock Recover, Fwd, Fwd Rock Recover ½ Turn L (12.00), Fwd, Pivot ½ Turn L (6.00) , Fwd
1-2Make a ¼ turn to R (6.00) with sweeping R- L from front to back
3-4&Sweeping R from front to back, step R behind L, recover on L
5-6&Step R fwd, Step L fwd , recover on R ,
7-8&Back ½ turn to L (12.00) step L fwd, step R fwd with a pivot ½ turn to L (6.00), step L fwd

SEC4: R Fwd Pivot ½ Turn L(12.00) Sweep L , ½ Turn L(6.00) Sailor Step , Fwd Rock Recover ¼ Turn L(3.00),Cross Side Cross, Side, Touch Together, Side, Touch Together
1-2&Step R fwd pivot ½ turn L(12.00) with sweep L from front to back, ½ turn to L (6.00) as step L behind R, step R to R side
3-4&Step L fwd , step R fwd , ¼ turn to L (3.00) with recover on L
5&6Cross R over L , step L to L side , step R over L
7&8&Touch L to L side , touch L beside R , touch L to L side , touch L beside R

*Restart: During Wall 3(6.00) after SEC 2 (16 counts) facing (9.00), make a ¼ turn to R (12.00) and restart the dance again!

*1 Tag: End of Wall 5 (6.00), hold for 4 counts by raising up both hands and put down together (or just hold), restart the dance again!

Contact - Email: pennytanml@hotmail.com

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