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The Waiting Game
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Fred Whitehouse / Joey Warren – April 2016
Waiting Game - Parson James
Notes: 16ct Tag x2

Sway L, R, L, Coaster Step-Step ¼ Point, ¾ Turn Sweep, Cross Back-Back-Rock
1-2-3Step L to L as you sway L, Recover weight R w/ Sway R, Sway L taking weight L
4&a5Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step R fwd, Step L fwd in front of R (prep)
6 – 7¼ Turn L pointing R to R side, ¾ Turn R stepping down on R as you sweep L out
8&a1Cross L over R, Step back on R as you turn slightly to L diagonal (4:30), Step L back beside R, Press/Rock R fwd (still @ 4:30)

L Coaster Step, ¼ Turn Step, ½ Turn, Step Point-Step Point, ¼ Step-Full, Triple ¼
2&a3Step back L, Step R beside L, Step L fwd, ¼ Turn L stepping back on R @ 1:30
4&a5½ Turn L stepping L fwd, Step R beside, Step L fwd, Point R to R (the point should square you up to 6 o’clock)
a6-a7Step R beside L, Point L out to L, ¼ L stepping L into R, Full turn L: step back on R into ½ turn hitching L up, then continue another ½ turn left on ball of R
8&aFinishing full turn L step fwd L, Step R beside L, ¼ Turn L stepping L fwd
(should be facing 12 o’clock now)

Slow Walks, Press Recover ½ Turn, Full Spiral, Step-Sweep x2, Cross & a Cross
1-2-3Step R fwd, Step L fwd slightly in front of R, Step/Press R fwd in front of L
4 – a5Recover back on L, ½ Turn R stepping fwd R, Step fwd L as you spiral full turn R
*Counts a5 are not quick at all despite the count, you have time don’t rush them
6 – 7As you finish full spiral R step R fwd sweeping L, Step L fwd sweeping R
8&a1Cross R over L, Step back on L, Step R out to R, Cross L over R (@ 6 o’clock)

¼ Step ½ Turn Into a Press, Run back x 3, Rock-Recover, ¾ Turn Run Around
2&a3¼ Turn L stepping back on R, ½ Turn L stepping L fwd, Step R fwd, Rock L fwd
4&a5Run back R, L, R, Rock back on L as you open your body towards 6 o’clock
6 – 7Recover weight/body fwd on to R, Step L fwd as you start the ¾ turn run around
8&a¾ Turn R as you step R, L, R….don’t do this in place. Go “around” something
* Ready to step L out to L and sway

TAG: It’s only 8 counts but you repeat it...so the tag is 16 counts!!!
Weave w/ Sweep, Cross ¼ ¼, Step Sweep, Rock Recover, Full Turn Run Around
1&a2Step L out to L, Step R behind L, Step L out to L, Cross R over L sweeping L
3&a4Cross L over R, ¼ Turn L stepping back on R, ¼ Turn L stepping L out to L, Cross R over L sweeping L around
5-6-7Step Fwd on L, Step/Rock Fwd on R, Recover back on L
8&aFull Turn R as you step R, L, R….don’t do this in place. Go “around” something
* Same as the end of the dance……ready to repeat your weave again!!

SEQUENCE: 32, TAG (16 counts), 32, 32, TAG (16 counts), 32 Rest of Way


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