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The Winner in My Heart ( Juara Di Hatiku)

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High Improver
Virnita Simorangkir (OMN) - June 2022
Juara Di Hati - Bastian Steel
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*1 tag on wall 2
Sequence : A-B-B-TAG-A36*-B-B-B-A32-B-B-A-A24**
*change step on count 36
**ending with the change step for the last count

PART A: 40c
Sec 1. Walk forward R-L-R-touch - Sailor step - touch - Big step to the right
1-4Walk forward RF, LF, RF, touch side LF
5&6step LF behind RF, step RF to side, step LF to side
7-8touch RF next to LF, take big step RF to right side

Sec 2. Forward LF - Recover - Anchor step L & R with hitch - LF back - Recover
1-2Rock forward LF, recover RF
3&4Step L back while Hitch R, Step R in place (&), Step L in place while Hitch R
5&6Step R back while Hitch L (3), Step L in place, Step R in place while Hitch L
7-8Step back LF, Recover RF body weight on RF

Sec 3 Forward LF - Recover - 1/4 turn L Sailor - Kick-Ball - Cross Touch – Full Right Twist Turn
1-2LF forward, recover RF
3&41/4 turn L step LF behind RF, Step RF side, Slightly step forward LF
5&6Kick RF forward, Step RF together LF, Cross Touch LF over RF
7&8Full Twist Turn to R on body weight on L (9.00)

Sec 4 Forward –Forward Heel Tap – Coaster Step – 1/4 L Turn-Side – Back Cross Tap R&L
1- 2Step RF forward, Tap L heel forward
3&4Step LF back, Step RF together, Step LF forward
5-6Turn 1/4 L stepping RF to right, Tap LF behind across RF (6.00)
7-8Step LF to left, Tap RF behind across LF (6.00)

Sec 5 Traveling vine R&L with touch
1-4Turn 1/4 R step RF forward, turn 1/2 R step LF back, turn 1/4 R step RF side, touch LF
* For sequence A36 Count, change step for count 4 instead of touch, put LF next to RF
5-8Turn 1/4 L step LF forward, turn 1/2 L step RF back, turn 1/4 L step LF side, touch RF

PART B: 16c
Sec 1 Forward R - 1/2 Pivot L - Kick Ball foward ( 2x)
1-2Step forward RF, 1/2 turn to L with body weight on LF
3&4Kick R forward – Step RF in place - step LF forward
5-6Step forward RF, 1/2 turn to L with body weight on LF
7&8Kick R forward – Step RF in place - step LF forward

Sec 2 Touch forward with Hip Bumps R&L - Forward R- 1/2 Pivot - Walk Forward R&L
1&2Touch RF forward while bump your hip R-L-R (and stepping your RF on count 2)
3&4Touch LF forward while bump your hip L-R-L (and stepping your LF on count 4)
5-8Step forward RF, 1/2 turn L with body weight on LF, Step Forward RF, Step Forward LF

Cross touch R&L, 1/2 turn R jazz box
1 - 4Cross RF over LF, touch LF, cross LF over RF, touch RF
5 - 8cross RF over LF, 1/4 turn R step LF back, 1/4 turn R step RF side, step LF forward

** Ending PART A sec 3 on count 7&8 do turn until facing 12.00

Enjoy dancing

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Marchy Susilani June 20, 2022
Vote 3 Succes ya

Nita Simorangkir June 20, 2022
Makasih Bu Marchy 🙏

Wenarika June 20, 2022
Vote 5

Nita Simorangkir June 20, 2022
Makasih mbak Rika 🙏

Miske June 20, 2022
Vote, good luck Nita 🙏

Miske June 20, 2022
Vote..sukses ya Nita 👍

Erni June 21, 2022
Vote #7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nita Simorangkir June 21, 2022
Makasih Bu Erni 🙏

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