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The Wolf

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Jonno Liberman (USA) - February 2018
The Wolf by The Spencer Lee Band (2:55) Album: 50 Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Dance begins after 24 counts

[1-8] Step, Hitch, Step, Flick, 1/4 Triple, 1/2 Triple (9:00)
1, 2Step R to right, Hitch L across and slap thigh with R hand
3, 4Step L to left, Flick R behind L and slap R sole with L hand
5&6Turn 1/4 right as you step R forward (3:00), Step L next to R, Step R forward
7&8Turn 1/2 right as you step L back (9:00), Step R next to L, Step L back

[9-16] Step Back, Touch, Step Back, Touch, Rock, Recover, Walk, Walk (9:00)
1, 2Step R back (add body roll for styling), Touch L slightly in front of R
3, 4Step L back (add body roll for styling), Touch R slightly in front of L
5, 6Rock R back, Recover onto L
7, 8Step R forward, Step L forward

[17-24] Rocking Chair, Step, Heel Twist, Rocking Chair, Step, Heel Twist (9:00)
1&2&Rock R forward, Recover onto L, Rock R back, Recover onto L
3&4Step R forward, Twist R heel out, Return R heel to center
5&6&Rock L forward, Recover onto R, Rock L back, Recover onto R
7&8Step L forward, Twist L heel out, Return L heel to center

[25-32] 1/2 Pivot x2, Out, Out, Circle Hips (9:00)
1, 2Step R forward, Pivot 1/2 left with weight on L (3:00)
3, 4Step R forward, Pivot 1/2 left with weight on L (9:00)
5, 6Step R out, Step L out
7-8Circle hips counterclockwise starting from left - finish with weight on L

Restart occurs after the first 16 counts of the 3rd repetition. You’ll begin again facing 3:00.



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