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Them Changes

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Easy Intermediate
Michael Barr (USA) - January 2018
Them Changes - Thundercat : (CD: Drunk - 3:08)
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Lead: 40 cts. / BPM: 82

[1-8] Touch Out, In, 1/4 Turn Right, 3/4 Turn Right – Syncopated Rocking Chair w/ 1/4 Turn Right
1,2,3Touch R side right; Touch R next to L; Turn ¼ right stepping R forward
Styling: Allow the hips to go right on count 1 and left on count 2. Count 2 will feel like prep for count 3.
4 & 5Step forward on L; Turn ½ right taking weight onto R; Turn ¼ right stepping L side left
6&7&Rock R back; Return onto L in place; Rock R forward; Return onto L in place
8Turn ¼ right stepping R side right (3:00)

[9-16] Kick Step, Kick Step, Kick & Cross – Walk, Walk 1/2 Turn Triple (in an arc)
1&2&Kick L in front of R; Step L to center; Kick R in front of L; Step R to center
3 & 4Kick L in front of R; Step L side left; Step R forward in front of L
5 ,6Walk L forward; Walk R forward (start opening body to right)
7 & 8In a small ½ turn arc to your right, take 3 steps; L R L (9:00)

[17-24] Wizard Steps – Syncopated Weave Right, Big Side Step, Together
1, 2&Step R to forward right diagonal; Step ball of L behind R heel; Step ball of R to center
3, 4&Step L to forward left diagonal; Step ball of R behind L heel; Step ball of L to center
5&6&Step R to side (slightly forward); Step L behind R; Step R side right; Step L in front of R
7, 8(large) Step R to right side; Step L next to R (weight on L) (9:00)

[25-32] Triple Back R,L,R, Triple Back L,R,L – Touch Back, 1/2 Turn R, Scissor Step
1 & 2Step R back; Step L next to R; Step R back (hips slightly open to the right)
3 & 4Step L back; Step R next to L; Step L back (hips slightly open to the left then square on ct. 4)
5, 6Touch R toe back; Turn ½ right on R toe/foot, taking weight onto R
7 & 8Step L side left; Step R next to L (slight back); Step L in front of R (3:00)

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