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Think About You (想著你) (zh)

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Easy Intermediate
Ingrind Kan (TW) - May 2018
Think About You - Delta Goodrem
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[1-8] L Cross, R Hitch, R Cross, L Sweep L Jazz Box
1-2Cross left over right , Flick right foot( back)
3-4Cross right over left , Flick left foot (back)
5-8Cross L over R, Step back on R, Step L to L side, Touch R next L
1-4左足於右足前交叉踏,右足抬腿, 右足於左足前交叉踏,左足滑向前
5-8左足於右足前交叉踏, 右足後踏, 左足左踏, 右足併於左足旁

[9-16] Side L, back rock R, ¼ turn R, step L, ½ Pivot
1-4Take big step to left side on left foot, Hold dragging right to left, Rock back on right , Recover weight to left
5-8Make ¼ turn right stepping forward on right (5), hold (6), Step forward on left, Pivot ½ turn right 9:00
1-4左足左一大步, 候(右足拖), 右足後下沉, 左足回復
5-8右轉90度右足前踏, 候, 左足前踏, 右軸轉180度 (第3和6面跳16拍後從頭開始)

[17-24]Vine Across, Touch side, Step Back , Touch side, Touch Together
1-2Step L to L side , Cross R behind L
3-4Step L to L side , Cross R over L
5-6Touch L to L side ,Cross L behind R,Touch R to R side, Touch R next to L
1-4左足左踏, 右足後踏, 左足左踏, 右足前交叉踏
5-8左足左點, 左足後踏, 右足右點, 右足併點

[25-32] R Rumba Box
1-4Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Next To Right, Step Right Forward, Hold
5-8Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Next To Left, Step Left Back, Step Right Next To Left
1-4右足右踏, 左足併踏, 右足前踏, 候
5-8左足左踏, 右足併踏, 左足後踏, 右足併踏

Have fun !


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