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This Is God's Country

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Pam Wingo – May 2019
God's Country by Blake Shelton
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Section 1: Step Lock Step, hold x 2:
1-4: Step forward on R @ diagonal (1), step/slide L foot behind R (2), step forward on R and hold (3,4)
4-8: Step forward on L @ diagonal (5), step/slide R foot behind L (6), step forward on L and hold (7,8)
Section 2: Mambo step, hold, sweep L, sweep R:
1-4: Step forward on R (1), replace weight to L (2), step R foot next to L (3), hold
5-8: Sweep L foot behind R, putting weight to L (5,6), sweep R foot behind L, putting weight to R (7,8)

Section 3: Step Lock Step w/hitch, Grapevine with ¼ hitch:
1-4: Step forward on L (1), step/slide R foot behind L (2), step forward on L (3), hitch R knee up
5-8: Step R foot to R (1), cross L behind R (2), step R foot to R (3), making a ¼ turn to left, hitching L knee (4)

Section 4: Step touch x 2, step lock step with scuff/brush:
1-4: Step L foot forward (1), touch R toe behind L foot(2), step back on R foot (3), touch L foot in front of R (4)
5-8: Step forward on L (5), step/slide R foot behind L (6), step forward on L (7), brush/scuff R foot (8)

Begin dance again!

Any questions, please contact me at:

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Angelina May 14, 2019
This is great Pam! Will be teaching it May 15th, 2019 at The Ranch Concert Hall and Saloon, Ft Myers Fl!

PamelaK May 14, 2019
That’s awesome- hope you get some video to post on Copperknob

Lisa76 May 18, 2019
Awesome dance!

PamelaK May 18, 2019
Thank you Lisa❤️

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