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This Is Me
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High Beginner
Felicia Harris Jones – January 2018
This Is Me - Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble
*Starts 0:46 into track on the word Sharpest “When the sharpest words wanna cut me down” (Listen to the words up to this point and feel the desire to mean something build in the song.)

*Most of this dance is meant to be done somewhat aggressively. During the 10th rotation, the artist is singing without the accompanying voices so your steps should be a bit lighter.

*At the end of 10th rotation there is a 2count HOLD. You’ll be facing the 12:00 wall. Stand tall and strong as she sings “This Is Me”.

Sec 1: Stomp Kick, Coaster Step, Stomp Kick, Coaster Step
1-2Stomp Right next to left, Kick Right to - 1:00
3&4Step back on Right, Step Left next to right, Step Right forward
5-6Stomp Left next to right, Kick Left to - 11:00
7&8Step back on Left, Step Right next to left, Step Left forward

Sec 2: ¼ Pivot, Crossing Triple, Side Rock, Recover, Sailor ¼ turn
1-2Step forward on Right, Pivot ¼ Left (facing 9:00; weight on left)
3&4Cross Right in front of left, Step Left to left side, Cross Right in front of left
5-6Rock Left to left side, Recover to Right
7&8(making ¼ left), Swing Left behind right and take weight, Step Right in place, Step Left next to right (facing 6:00)

Sec 3: Forward Out, Forward Out, Shuffle Forward, Forward Out, Forward Out, Shuffle Forward (think of marching forward during shuffles)
1&2&(1)Step Forward and slightly out Diagonally on Right, &Touching left next too right, (2)Step Forward and slightly out Diagonally on Left, &Touching right next to left
3&4Step Forward on Right, Step slightly forward on Left, Step Forward on Right
5&6&(5)Step Forward and slightly out Diagonally on Left, &Touching right next to left, (6)Step Forward and slightly out Diagonally on Right, &Touching left next to right
7&8Step Forward on Left, Step slightly forward on Right, Step Forward on Left

*HOLD STRONG 2 counts here at the end of the 10th rotation.

*Dance ends facing the front 12:00 wall- Stomp while pounding fists down.

Please use in original format. If you choose to post on your website, please do not alter in any way and include all choreographer contact information. felicia@jonesfamilies.com Felicia@boundlessboots.com www.boundlessboots.com

As I taught this on the 2018 Caribbean Line Dance Cruise with Donna Manning, Terri Anderson, Rob Holley, and Tina Foster, I reminded everyone that I only choreograph to songs that truly speak to me and I told the dancers why and how this track touched me. In Jan 2017, the club I had taught for nearly 9 years closed its doors without warning. Left with nowhere, locally, to continue teaching, I wondered if I’d ever dance again. I had pressures from very personal relationships to give up my love of teaching line dances. In Dec 2017, a new club opened and as I taught those first few nights, I had never felt more alive. In Jan 2018, I saw the movie (The Greatest Showman) from which this song appears in the soundtrack and I cried through the entire piece. Dancing! Teaching! THIS IS ME!

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