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Those Applebottom Jeans

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Intermediate / Advanced
Joey Warren (USA) - January 2008
Low - Flo Rida
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Brush-Out-Out, Back Body Roll, Step-Heel, Arm Swing x2, Step-Point
1&2 Brush R foot forward, Step R foot out, Step L foot out
3 – 4 Push hips back and roll them up (weight on R)
&-5-6 Step L foot next to R, Place R heel forward, Swing R arm acroos R leg
7&8 Swing R arm back across R leg, Step down on R foot, Point L toe out

¼ Turn x2, ¼ Turn L Sailor, Step x4 around ½ Turn
1 – 2 ¼ Turn L stepping L foot forward, ¼ Turn L stepping R foot to R side
3&4 ¼ Turn L stepping L back, Step R foot beside L, Step L foot forward
5 – 8 Keeping L foot on ground Step R foot around x4 for ½ Turn (Weight needs to be on the L foot on count 8)

Kick-&-Touch, ½ Turn w/ Knees, Step forward w/ drag, L Touch w/ Look
1&2 Kick R foot forward, Step R foot beside L, Touch L toe back
3 – 4 ½ Turn L rolling L knee around, Finish ½ Turn rolling R knee to L (weight R)
5 – 6 Step L foot forward, Drag/Step R foot next to L
7 – 8 Touch L toe out to L side swinging head to R side, Step L foot next to R
Option on 5-8: You could kick R forward, step R beside L, then drop down on L knee, Do ½ Turn L on L knee putting R knee down beside L, Get up on the L step forward

Roll Out-Out, Cross Step, Roll Out-Out, Cross ¾ Turn L stepping L forward
1 – 2 Roll R knee out as you step R out, Roll L knee out as you step L out
3 – 4 Cross R foot over L as you roll R knee, Step L foot out to L
5 – 6 Roll R knee out as you step R out, Roll L knee out as you step L out
7 – 8 Cross R foot over L starting ¾ turn L, Finish Turn with weigh on R

Out-Out Knee Pop, Weave ¼ Turn L, Big Step w/ Drag, Heel Twists x2
&1&2 Step L foot out, Step R foot out, Pop Knees up, Put weight down on R
3&4 Step L foot behind R, ¼ Turn R stepping R forward, Step L foot forward
5 – 6 Take big step forward w/ R, Step L foot beside of R
&7&8 Come up on toes swivel heels R, center, L, center (weight on R)

Step back-forward-forward, 1 ¼ Turn R, Out-Out, Upper Body Twist
&-1-2 Step back on L, Step forward on R, Step forward on L
3 – 4 ½ Turn R putting weight on R, ½ Turn R stepping back on L
5 – 6 ¼ Turn R stepping out on R, Step out on L
7 – 8 Twist body to R looking over R shoulder R hand on butt, Return to center

Jump to Side, Step-Touch-Full Turn, Rock & Cross, Step out w/ Sweep
1 – 2 Jump to R side, Step out to L with L foot
3 – 4 Touch R foot behind L, Unwind Full Turn to R weight ending on R
5-&-6 Rock out on L, Recover on R, Step L across R foot
& - 7 Step out on R foot, Step L foot next to R starting a R sweep behind L

Sailor Step, Free Style last counts with a ¾ Walk around to the R
8-&-1 Step R foot behind L foot, Step L foot out, Step R foot forward
2 – 8 This is your time to free style! All you have to do is do it with a ¾ turn to the R ending with your weight on the L so you are ready to start with your R kick.

When I taught this the first time we just did a ¾ Walk Around for 2 - 8 starting with the L foot, seemed to go over pretty well just with that. If you don’t like freestyling!

• The music during the chorus says to get low repeatedly on this part so play around with that.



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