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Thousands of Songs

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Intermediate NC
Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) & Eddie Tang (MY) - July 2013
(Thousands of Songs) by (Priscilla Chan)
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Alternative Music: There are many different versions to this piece of beautiful music in different languages such as Japanese original ((Song of Sunset) by Masahiko Kondo), Mandarin version (by Lee Yik Kwan), English version (There is Only You in My Heart – Lynda Trang Dai) and many other Cantonese covers by Hong Kong singers such as Anita Mui, Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung. Use a version that you like best.

Start dance after 2x8's.

SET 1: Sway R-L-R, Side, Cross Side Behind Sweep, Behind Side, Fwd Rock, Recover, 1½ L
1Step RF to R and sway body to R 12:00
2&3Sway body L, Sway body R, LF big step to L dragging RF towards LF 12:00
4&5Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, Step RF behind LF and LF sweep from front to back 12:00
6&7Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Rock LF fwd 12:00
&8&1Recover on RF, ½L Stepping fwd on LF, ½L Stepping back on RF, ½L Stepping fwd on LF 6:00

SET 2: Run x2 , Rock Recover, Back, ½L Fwd, ½L Curvy Run, Side Rock, Cross Hinge ½R Turn
2&3Run fwd R, L, Rock RF Fwd 6:00
4&5Recover on LF, Step back on RF, ½L stepping fwd on LF 12:00
6&7&¼L stepping fwd on RF, ¼L stepping fwd on LF, Rock RF to R, Recover on LF 6:00
8&1Cross RF over LF, ¼R Stepping back on LF, (Restart here after Wall 2 & 6) ¼R stepping RF to R 12:00

SET 3: R Basic Nightclub, Left Basic Nightclub, Rock Recover ½R, Rock Recover ¼L, Pivot ½L Lunge
2&3Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L 12:00
4&Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF 1:30
5&6Rock RF fwd, Recover on LF, ½R Stepping fwd on RF 7:30
&7&Rock LF fwd, Recover on RF, ¼L Stepping LF to L 4:30
8&1Step RF fwd, Pivot ½L shifting weight on LF, Lunge RF fwd 10:30

SET 4: Sweep Back x2, Behind Side Cross, Recover Side Cross, 1½R Reverse Rolling Vine
2-3Step back on L sweep back on R , Step back on RF sweep back on L 10:30
4&5Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Cross rock LF over RF 1:30
6&7&Recover on RF, Step LF to L, Cross RF over LF, ¼R stepping back on LF 3:00
8&a½R Stepping fwd on RF, ½R stepping back on LF, ¼R on LF preparing to start the dance again 6:00
Easier option: Instead of the full turn in counts 8&, you can do run-run as options.

Restart after count 16& on walls 2 (6:00) & 6 (12:00).
Options: Before the restarts, there are 2 heavy beats, try to hit them with the steps from counts 7& in Set 2 (Side rock).
The timing would be 7a to hit these beats and hold on count &. Continue with the ½R hinge turn to start again.

TAG (Do the tag after Wall 4, facing 6:00)
Right Basic Nightclub, Left Basic Nightclub
1-2&Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over LF
3-4&Step LF to L, Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF - email: - contact: +6017 282 6565 - +6012 465 5870



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