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Three-Quarters Better

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Beginner - waltz
Maddison Glover (AUS) - May 2015
Better Than You Left Me - Mickey Guyton
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Choreographed as a split floor for my Intermediate Waltz ‘Better Than Ever’

Turning 1/8 Cross Twinkle, Turning 1/8 Basic Waltz Back
1,2,3Cross L over R, Step R to R side as you turn 1/8 L, step L slightly back
4,5,6R back, turn 1/8 L as you step L together, step R fwd 9:00

Turning 1/8 Basic Waltz Back x2
1,2,3Step L fwd, Step R together as you turn 1/8 L, step L beside R
4,5,6R back, turn 1/8 L as you step L together, step R beside L 6:00

Cross Twinkle, Turning Cross Twinkle
1,2,3Cross L over R, step R to R, replace weight back on L
4,5,6Cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping slightly back on L, step R to R side 9:00

Step Fwd, Raise Leg/ Slow Kick, Coaster Step
1,2,3Step L fwd onto R diagonal, slowly raise R leg (like a kick for counts 2,3)
4,5,6Step R back, step L together, step R slightly fwd- still on diagonal 11:30

Square Up- Cross/Rock, Replace, Side x2
1,2,3Turn 1/8 L whilst crossing/ rocking L over R (squaring up to side wall), replace weight back onto R, step L to L side
4,5,6Cross/ rock R over L, replace weight back onto L, step R to R side. 9:00

Restart: During the fifth sequence, start the dance facing 12:00. Dance up to count 24 and restart facing 9:00

Ending: You will be facing 6:00. Dance to count 27, then cross R over L and unwind ½ turn R.

Option when teaching: Teach the first 12 counts facing the front without turning therefore; Cross twinkle, basic waltz back, basic waltz fwd, basic waltz back.
Do so until they grasp the concept before teaching the actual dance and include the turn.

Contact: Maddison Glover ~ ~ +61430346939 ~


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