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Throw It Back

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Phrased Intermediate
Gemma Ridyard (UK) & Tim Johnson (UK) - July 2016
Throwback - Dawin : (Single - 2016)
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Order: A, B, B, A, B, B, A, B, B, B
Just A Little To Say Note Although it is Long there is repetition & We Hope You Will Give It A Try!

Part A: 64 counts
A1: Walk LR, L Sailor Step, R touch, R Point, Hold, Unwind
1,2Step LF forward, Step RF forward (slightly angling upper body to 11:30)
3&4Step L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Step L To L Side
&5,6Touch R Next To L (&), Point R To R side (5), Hold (6)
7,8Touch R Toe Behind Left (7) Unwind Full Turn, Weight Finishes On R (8) (12 o’clock)

A2: Walk LR, L Sailor Step, R Touch, R Point, Hold, Kick & Touch
1,2Step LF Forward, Step RF forward (slightly angling upper body to 11:30)
** Styling option Boogie Walks, Knees pop out and centre)
3&4Step L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Step L To L Side
&5,6Touch R Next To L (&), Point R To R side (5), Hold (6)
7&8Travelling slightly to R Side, Kick R to Right Diagonal (7) Step R To R Side (&), Touch L Toe Behind R (8)
** Optional Styling on the Kick & Touch as you Kick right hand rises toward R should Left Hand Drops, as you step R to R side L Hand Rises R Hand Drops, As You Touch R Hand Rises L Hand Drop**

A3: ¼ L, ¼ L, L Coaster Step, R flick, R Hitch Step, Hold, Body Roll
1,2¼ turn L Stepping Forward On L, ¼ turn L Step RF To Right Side
3&4Step LB , Step R Next To Left, Step Forward On Left As You Flick RF To Right Side
&5,6Hitch R Knee Forward (&) Step RF Forward (5) Hold (6)
7,8Body Ripple From Head To Toe, Weight Finishing Back On LF (6 o’clock)

A4: R Toe Back Unwind ½ turn, Back Sweep, Back Sweep, Sailor ½ turn, Hitch L, Hitch R
1,2Touch R Toe Back (1), Unwind Half Turn Over R Shoulder (2) (12o’clock) Keep Weight Back On L Foot
3,4Step Back On R Sweeping LF From F To B (3), Step Back On L Sweeping RF From F To B
5&6Cross R Behind L, Make ½ Turn R Stepping L to L Side, Step R to R side (Feet Finish Shoulder Width Apart)(6 o’clock)
7&8Hitch L Knee (7), Step L Foot Down (&), Hitch R Knee

A5: Step Hitch Step, Arms Push forward, Fingertips together, Hands To Heart, Body Roll (SNAP), Reverse Paddle ½ Turn
&1, 2(Travelling Towards 7:30) Step RF Forward (&), Bring LF Toward R As You Hitch R Knee (1) Step RF Forward (2) (7:30)
3&4Push Both Arms F At Chest Height Palms Together R Over L (3) Open Palms So Finger Tips Are Touching (&) Bring Both Hands To Heart (4)
5,6Begin A Body Roll ( From Head To Toe) (5) Complete The Body Roll Taking R Arm High L Arm Low (Diagonal) Snap Fingers Weight Finishing Back On L (6)
7&8Keeping R Arm High, Turning Over R Shoulder, Tap R Toe X3 completing a ½ turn (7&8) (1:30)

A6: Walk RL, C Shape Hip Bump ½ Turn With R Hitch, Walk LR, Sailor ½ Turn
1,2Step RF Forward, Step LF Forward (1:30)
3&4Hitch R Knee & Bump R Hip Up To R Making ¼ Turn L (3) (11:30) Step R Down And Bump Hips L (&), Bump Hips Down To Right Making ¼ Turn L, Weight Back On R (4) (7:30)
5,6Step LF Forward, Step RF Forward (7:30)
7&8Cross L Behind R, Make 5/8 L Stepping R to R Side, Step L Forward (12 o’clock)

A7: Camel Walks RL, Back Hitch, Back Hitch, R Coaster Step
1,2Step RF Forward & Pop L Knee (1), Step LF Forward & Pop R Knee (2)
3,4Step RF Back (3) Hitch L Knee & Throw R Hand Forward (4)
5,6Step LF Back (5) Hitch R Knee & Throw L Hand Forward (4)
7&8Step RF Back, Step L Next To R, Step RF Forward

A8: Side Cross Side Touch, Side Cross Side Hitch
1,2,3,4Step LF To L Side, Cross RF Over L, Step L to L Side, Touch R Next To L- Snap fingers down
5,6,7,8Step RF To R Side, Cross LF Over R, Step R to R Side, Hitch L Next To R – Pointing R Hand Up Toward Ceiling (Usain Bolt)

Part B; 64 Counts
B1: Left Heel Toe Heel, Slide L To R, L Side Hold & Side Cross
1&2Step LF To L side, Swivel LF Heel, Toe, Heel ( Weight On R)
3,4Drag LF To R
5,6Step LF To L (5) Hold (6)
&7,8Step R Next To L (&) Step L To L Side (7) Cross R Over L

B2: ¼ L, 2x Paddle 1/8 Turn L, Close R, House Tap L & R
1,2,3,4Make A ¼ Turn L Stepping L Foot Forward (1) (9 o’clock) Paddle R 2x 1/8 Turn Left, As You Do That Lift Left Toes Up (2,3) (6 o’clock) Close RF To Left(4)
5,6,7,8Press Ball Of LF To L (5) Close LF To R (6) Press Ball Of RF To R Side (7) Close RF To Left (8) (6 o’clock)

B3: Back Ball Step L X 3, Back Ball Step R X 3
1&2Step LF B (1) Step R Next To L (&) Step LF B (2)
&3&4Step R Next To L (&) Step LF B (3) Step R Next To L (&) Step LF B (4)
5&6Step RF B (5) Step L Next To R (&) Step RF B (6)
&7&8Step L Next To R (&) Step RF B (7) Step L Next To R (&) Step RF B (8)
**Styling As You Travel Back Both Hands In Fists Above Head**

B4: Walk Forward L,R,L,R, Out Out, Touch L, Hold
1,2,3,4Step LF Forward, Step RF Forward, Step LF Forward, Step RF Forward
5,6Step LF To L Side – Brush R Hand On L Shoulder (5) Step RFt To R Side – Brush L Hand On R Shoulder (6)
7,8Touch LF Next To R (7) Hold – Throw Hands Out Wide (8)

** Repeat B Again To Complete The 64 Counts **

Happy Dancing Everyone

Love Gem & Tim: Email;

Last Update - 21st Aug 2016


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