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Tic Tok

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Jeongeun Kim (KOR) - July 2019
Tik Tok - Kesha
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Intro : 32Count
***Tag : End of the 9th wall(9:00) after 8count

Section1 : Side, Kick, Side, Touch, Swivel ¼ Turn L, Kick Ball Touch
1 2RF step right side(1), LF kick right diagonal(2)
3 4LF step left side(3), RF touch behind(4)
5&6BF heel right swivel(5), BF heel left swivel(&), RF ¼ turn L, heel right swivel, weight RF(6)
7&8LF kick forward(7), LF ball step together(&), RF touch forward(8)

Section 2 : Heel, Hook, Step, Scuff, ½ Turn R Hitch, Back, Coaster Step, ¼ Turn R Side, Together
1&2RF heel touch forward(1), RF hook(&), RF step forward(2)
3&4LF scuff forward(3), LF ½ turn R knee up(&), LF step back(4)
5&6RF step back(5), LF step together(&), RF step forward(6)
7 8LF ¼ turn R step left side(7), RF step together(8)

Section 3 : Paddle ¼ Turn R ×2, Together, Body Roll, Body Wave R-L-R, ⅛Turn R Step Together
1 2LF ¼ turn R touch left side(1), LF ¼ turn R touch left side(2)
3 4LF step together knee bend body roll start(3), BF body roll up(4)
5 6RF step right side body wave R(5), LF body wave L(6)
7 8RF body wave R(7), LF ⅛turn R step together(8)

Section 4 : Chest Pop, ⅛Turn L Plie, ¼ Turn L Knee In, Leg Stretch, Body Roll up
1 2BF chest pop front(1), BF Chest pop front(2)
3 4BF ⅛turn L knee out/grand plie(3), RF ¼ turn L knee in(4)
5 6BF stretch leg(5), BF body wave start(6)
7 8BF body wave ending(7), LF step together(8) - (9:00)

Side, Kick, Side, Touch, Full Turn R
1 2 3 4RF Step right side(1), LF Kick right diagonal(2), LF Step left side(3), RF Touch behind(4)
5 6 7 8Full turn to right, weight LF(5678)-(9:00)

Last Update – 6 Nov. 2019 -R2


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