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Till The End of the World (Chair Dance)

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Beginner Chair Dance
Georgie Mygrant (USA) - June 2022
Intro: 32 Counts. Sit on front of chair, Back straight, Chest out.

Tap Pattern R, L
1-8Tap R heel fwd. 2x, Tap R Toe back 2x, Tap R heel fwd. 1x, Tap R Toe back 1x, Stomp R foot 2x
1-8Tap L heel fwd. 2x, Tap L toe back 2x, Tap L heel fwd. 1x, Tap L toe back 1x, Stomp L foot 2x

Swivel Feet to R, Swivel feet Back
1-4Swivel toes R, Swivel Heels R. Swivel Toes R, Swivel Heels R
5-8Swivel toes L, Swivel Heels L, Swivel Toes L, Swivel Heels L

Kick R, Repeat, Stomp L, Kick L, Repeat
1-4Kick R fwd. Touch down, Kick R fwd. touch down
5-8Kick L fwd. Touch down, Kick L fwd. Touch down

That’s it! If you want to use your arms for Cardio, do anything you like. It all helps.
Please do not alter routine without my permission. Thank you


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