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Angie Leyland Lancashire UK (Oct 2015)
My Time by Raymond Froggatt. CD: Coast to Coast.
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Also fits well to Cecillia by Derek Ryan & Complicated by Tanya Tucker

#12 count intro as Raymond starts ‘Daybreak’

Start in sweetheart position, side by side facing LOD
Same foot work for both through out

Sec 1: Step Touch, Step Touch, Step Slide, Step Forward
1&2&Step R touch L, Step L touch right
3&4Step Right, slide L next to R, step forward R
Step Touch, Step Touch, Step Slide, Step Back
5&6&Step L touch R, step R touch left
7&8Step Left. slide R next to L, step back L

Sec 2: Right Coaster Step, Step Lock Step
1&2R step back, L tog, R step forward
3&4L step forward, R lock behind L, step forward L
Step Pivot, Step Pivot, Dropping R hands raising L hands
5,6,7,8Step forward R pivot ½ turn L, Step forward R pivot ½ turn L (full turn)

Sec 3: Right Shuffle Forward, Left Shuffle Forward
1&2Right shuffle forward (RLR)
3&4Left shuffle forward (LRL)
Right Coaster Step, Stomp, Stomp
5&6R step back, L tog, R step forward
7,8Stomp Left, stomp Right

This is a nice little dance that will fit to most tunes, bringing the Tradition & modern side of music in my suggested tunes.
Miles of Smiles Angie


( 13:10:12)


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