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Time to Waltz (P)

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Intermediate Partner
Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) - January 2015
Tiempo de Vals by Chayanne (tempo: Viennese Waltz) – edited to end at 3:10
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(Or any other Viennese Waltz music you preferred)

Starting note: This dance is a circle partner mixer dance. Person in outer circle is ‘A’ while ‘B’ should be in the inner circle.
‘A’ should be slightly in front of ‘B’ to the right in a Shadow Position (‘B’ is facing A’s back). ‘A’s R palm is facing downwards and raised to shoulder level while the L palm is facing downwards at the waist level. B’s palms are facing upwards to hold ‘A’s palms R to R and L to L. Start dance facing the anticlockwise direction of the circle (indicated as 12:00; 9:00 is facing into the circle; 3:00 facing out of the circle).
Steps below are written for both partners unless stated otherwise.

Intro: 4 x 6

Set 1: Fwd Kick, Back Hook
1-3Step LF fwd, Raise RF over 2 counts (12:00)
4-6Step RF back, Hook LF in front of RF

Set 2: Waltz basics to face partner, back basics
1-3A: Step LF fwd, ½L step RF back, step LF next to RF (6:00)
1-3B: Step LF fwd, Step RF next to LF, Step LF next to RF (12:00)
Note: Let go of L hands during turn
4-6Step RF back, Step LF next to RF, Step RF next to LF
Note: During counts 4-6, dancers are still holding R hands facing each other but moving backwards

Set 3: Cross Point, Back Sweep
1-3Cross LF in front of RF, Point RF to R over 2 counts
Note: Still holding R hands, lift R hands above head
4-6Step RF behind LF, Sweep LF from front to back over 2 counts

Set 4: Behind Side Cross, Start Walking Around Your Partner (3 steps)
1-3Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R, Cross LF over RF
Note: Raise L palm at shoulder level to touch your partner’s L palm
4-6Walk fwd RF, LF, RF in small steps
Note: For counts 4-6, you will start a full turn around your partner with the touch left hands as the centre of the circle.

Set 5: Continue Walking Around Your Partner (6 steps)
1-3Walk fwd LF, RF, LF in small steps (continue to move around your partner)
4-6Walk fwd RF, LF, RF in small steps (A - 9:00, B – 3:00)

Set 6: LF Cross Rock ¼L Side, RF Cross Rock Side
1-3Cross Rock LF over RF, Recover on RF, ¼L Step LF to L (A - 6:00, B – 12:00)
Note: At this point, your partner should be on your diag R forward, not directly in front of each other. Let go of hands and place both hands behind your waist.
4-6Cross Rock RF over LF, Recover on LF, Close RF next to LF

Set 7: 2 Slow Walks Forward
1-3Step LF fwd, hold 2 counts
4-6Step RF fwd, hold 2 counts
Note: You will be walking past your partner on the right shoulder. On count 4, hold up R arm with palm facing outward to touch your new partner’s R palm.

Set 8: Meet your new partner and triple steps on the spot to face 12:00
1-3A: ½R stepping on the spot L, R, L (12:00)
1-3B: Step on the spot L, R, F (12:00)
Note: Keep holding R hands, start holding your partner’s L hands
4-6Step on the spot R, L, R and get ready to start again

No Tags, No Restarts, Change partners and have fun. Good as a party ice breaker dance!



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