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Timing Is Everything

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The Highlander (UK) - September 2020
Timing Is Everything - Trace Adkins
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#16 Count Intro.

Sec 1: Step Back Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Unwind Full Turn, Side Rock Weave.
1,Step R back sweeping left back,
2&3Step L behind R, Step R to right side, Cross L over R,
4Unwind a full turn right keeping weight on L,
5&6&Side Rock onto R, Recover onto L, Cross R over L, Step L to side,
7&8Cross R behind L, Step L to side, Cross R over L turning 1/8 left to face 10.30.
During wall 4 add an extra side step left and restart facing 03.00

Sec 2: Forward Rock Side, Forward Rock Side, Cross Rock Side Rock, Sailor ¼ Turn Left.
1, 2&Still facing 10.30 Rock Forward onto L, Recover onto R, Step L to left side squaring up to 09.00,
3, 4&Turning to face left diagonal (19.30) Rock Forward onto R, Recover onto L, Step R to side squaring up to 09.00,
5&6&Cross Rock L over R, Recover onto R, Side Rock onto L, Recover onto R,
7&8Step L behind R, Turn ¼ left stepping R next to L, Step L to left side. (06.00)

Sec 3: Cross, Side Rock Cross, Side Behind, Sway R,L,R, Cross Rock ¼ Turn Left.
1, 2&3Cross R over L, Side Rock onto L, Recover onto R, Cross L over R,
4&Step R to right side, Cross L behind R ,
5, 6, 7Stepping R to right side Sway onto R, Sway onto L, Sway onto R,
8&1Cross Rock L over R, Recover onto R, Turn ¼ left Stepping L forward. (03.00)

Sec 4: ½ Turn ½ turn, Step Turn, Step, Step Together, Forward Rock Together.
2&½ Turn left Stepping R Back, ½ Turn Left Stepping L Forward,
3, 4Step R forward, Turn ½ left returning weight to L, (09.00)
5, 6&Step R forward, Step L forward, Step R next to L,
7, 8&Rock Forward onto L, Recover onto R, Step L next to R.

Restart During Wall 4 With Added Step
After first 8 counts (end of Sec 1) add this extra step on the & count
&Step L to left side,
then restart the dance facing 03.00.


Last Update - 20 Feb. 2021


Murphsmum October 27, 2020
Highlander Whenever I see you have posted a dance I always buy the track even before I see your new dance scripts . Why because you have the ability to choose amazing tracks and then work your magic to inspire dancers.All through Coronavirus I have danced Box of visions daily and never get bored . So this one is a done deal Congratulations I'm a follower of your work Vicky in North Wales XX

ldhighlander October 27, 2020
Vicky thank you so much for those kind words. I am most surprised.
This song is from the film "Country Strong" and I found the lyrics quite profound.
Keep on dancing during this crazy time.
The Highlander. xx

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