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Tinted Windows

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Kate Sala (UK) - February 2013
'Tinted Windows' by Tim McGraw ['Two Lanes Of Freedom']
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Intro: 16 counts.

Basic Night Club Step Right, Basic Night Club Step Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Step Pivot 3/4 Turn Right Stepping Left, Weave Left.
1 2 &Long step to right side on R. Cross rock on L behind R. Recover on R.
3 4 &Long step to left side on L. Cross rock on R behind L. Recover on L.
5Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on R.
6 & 7Step forward on L. Pivot 3/4 turn right. Step L out to left side. 12 o’clock
8 &Cross step R behind L. Step L to left side.

Cross Rock, Recover, & Cross Rock, Recover, & Rock Forward, Recover, Turn 1/2 Right, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn Right, Step Forward.
1 2 &Cross rock on R over L. Recover on to L. Step R next to L.
3 4 &Cross rock on L over R. Recover on to R. Step L next to R.
5 6 7Rock forward on R. Recover on to L. Turn 1/2 right stepping forward on R.
8 & 1Step forward on L. Pivot 1/2 turn right. Step forward on L.

Hitch R Knee With 1/4 Pivot Turn Left, Cross Step, Scissor Step, Reverse Full Turn Left, Cross Rock Back, Recover, Step Left With Hip Sway.
2 3Hitch R knee up while making 1/4 pivot turn left on ball of L. Cross step R over L. 9 o’clock
4 & 5Step L to left side. Step R next to L. Cross step L over R.
6 & 7Turn 1/4 left stepping back on R. Turn 1/2 left stepping forward on L. Turn 1/4 left stepping R to right side.
8 & 1Cross rock on L behind R. Recover on to R. Step L to left side swaying hips left.

Sway Hips Right, Left, Sailor 1/4 Turn Right, Ball Turn 1/4 Right x 2, Turn 1/4 Right With Cross Step.
2 3Sway hips right. Sway hips left.
4 & 5Cross step R behind L. Turn 1/4 right stepping small step out to left side. *Step forward on R.
& 6Step ball of L next to R. Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on R.
& 7Step ball of L next to R. Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on R.
8Turn 1/4 right cross stepping L over R. 9 o’clock

Start Again

There are 2 restarts, during wall 3 and 5.
*Dance the first `28 &’ counts and then start the dance again from the beginning.
So the last step of the sailor 1/4 turn right becomes the first step of the dance stepping out to right side.
The first restart will be facing the back wall and the 2nd restart will be facing 3 o’clock.


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