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Tito, He's My Amigo

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Wendy McLean (CAN) - June 2021
Wine, Beer, Whiskey - Little Big Town
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Step, Hold & Shuffle Right, Step, Hold & Shuffle Left
1 2Step right foot diagonally right, Hold
&3&4Left together, Right forward, Left together, Right forward
5 6Step left foot diagonally forward, Hold
&7&8Right together, Left forward, Right together, Left forward

Cross Rock, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle
1 2Rock right over left, Recover to left
3&4Right side, Left together, Right side
5 6Rock Left over right, Recover to right
7&8Left Side, Right together, Left side

Pivot ½, ½, Together, Coaster Step, Out, Out
1 2Step forward right, Pivot ½ left with weight to left foot
3 4Turn ½ left stepping back on right, Step left together
5&6Step back on right, Left together, Step forward on right
7 8Step out left, Step out right

Coaster Step, Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2Step back left, Step right together, Step forward on left
3&4Step forward on right, Left together, Step forward on right
5 6Rock Forward on left, Recover to right
7&8Step back on left, Right together, Step forward on left

¼, Sway, Behind, Side, Cross, Sway, Sway, Coaster ¼
1 2Turning ¼ left - step & sway right, Sway left
3&4Right behind left, Left side, Step right across left
5 6Sway left, Sway Right
7&8Step left behind, Step on right ¼ left, Step left forward
Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Jazz Box ¼ Right
1 2Step right across left, Point left side
3 4Step left across right, Point right side
5 6Step right across left, Step left slightly back
7 8Turning ¼ right - step right, Step left across right

Tag - wall 6 after 8 counts
Hold for 4 counts and holler out "Who Would Wanna"

Resume the dance with the sways (5th set of 8)


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