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Easy Intermediate
Jan Wyllie (AUS) - March 2009
Living In a Moment - Ty Herndon
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Step Pivot 1/4, Step Across Hold, Step Back Side, Cross Shuffle
1,2,3,4 Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L, Step R across L, Hold
5,6,7&8 Step back on L, Step R to right, Cross/shuffle right stepping L,R,L

Side Rock Return, Behind Side Across, 1/4 Turn Hold, Rock Fwd Back
9,10 Rock/step R to right, Rock/return wt sideways onto L
11&12 Step R behind L, Step L to left, Step R across L
13,14 Making 1/4 left step fwd on L, Hold *restart here on wall 8
15,16 Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

Coaster Back, Step Pivot 1/2, Fwd Touch, Side Together
17&18 Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step fwd on R (coaster)
19,20 Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/2 right transferring wt to R
21.22 Step fwd on L, Touch R beside L *restart here on walls 4 and 12
23,24 Step R to right, Step L beside R

Side Shuffle, Rock Behind Return, Back 1/4 Fwd 1/2, Shuffle Fwd
25&26 Side shuffle right stepping R,L,R
27,28 Rock/step L behind R, Rock/return wt to R
29,30 Making 1/4 right step back on L, Making 1/2 right step fwd on R
31&32 Shuffle fwd L,R,L

*Restart on wall 4 &12 after count 22
*Restart on wall 8 after count 14

This is such a lovely song and for years the more experienced dancers have been doing
Thomas O’Dwyer’s fabulous dance ‘In A Moment’ to it….. And everyone else just sat and watched. It is for those people I have written this dance.

‘To Die For’ is not a beginner dance, in fact it is a bit tricky in parts, but it is still very manageable for the ‘middle of the road’ dancer.
So, up you get and I hope you enjoy it.

See you on the floor sometime…. Jan Web Site:


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