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To Sir With Love

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Dianne Borg (AUS) & Matt Coleman (AUS) - August 2021
To Sir With Love - Lulu
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Intro: 16 counts (approx. 10 seconds)
#1. Right Side-Together-Side Touch. Side Touches Left and Right.
1-4Step RF to R side. Bring the LF next to the RF and take weight on it. Step RF to R side. Tap the LF next to the RF.
5-8Step LF to L side. Tap the RF next to the LF. Step RF to R side. Tap the RF next to the LF.

#2. Grapevine Left with a Quarter Turn and Scuff. Rocking Chair on the Right.
1-4Step LF to L side, Step RF behind L, Step LF to L side turning one quarter to the left (9 o'clock), Scuff RF through past LF.
5-8Rock forward putting weight on RF, Recover weight on LF, Step back with RF and take weight, Recover weight on LF.
#3. Half Pivot Left, Step Forward and Touch. Half Pivot Right, Step Forward and Touch. **To remove the turns. this can be danced as two rocking chairs **
1-4Step LF forward, Pivot Half Turn on Balls of Feet (to 3'o'clock), Step RF Forward and touch LF next to RF.
5-8Step RF forward, Pivot Half Turn on Balls of Feet (to 9 o'clock), Step LF Forward and touch RF next to LF.

#4. Reverse Rhumba Box to the Right*
1,2Step RF to R side. Step LF next to RF.
3,4Step RF back. Touch LF next to RF.
5,6Step LF to L side. Step RF next to LF.
7,8Step LF forward. Touch RF next to LF.

* There are two tags: At the end of wall 1 (facing 9 o'clock) and wall 4 (facing 12 o'clock) repeat the reverse rhumba box two more times (16 counts in total) to restart the dance when the music restarts.

Note: We wanted to use the tags in this dance to give beginners practice at listening for restarts. The extra Rhumba boxes are a nice "holding pattern" that make it easy to hear what is coming without having to think about it too much.

Last Update - 17 Oct. 2021


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