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Todo El Mundo

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Lisa Hillman - July 2013
Todo El Mundo (Dancing in The Streets) – Danny Saucedo
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Cross Samba, Cross Samba, Cross, ¼ turn, cross, side
1&2RF cross over LF, LF rock to Left, Recover to RF
3&4LF cross over RF, RF rock to Right, Recover to LF
5 6&7 8RF cross over LF, LF step back ¼ to Right. RF to right, Cross LF over RF. RF to Right (3°)

Back rock, ¼ turn, ¼ turn, Cross, Hold, &, Cross, Hold
1 2LF back rock behind RF, Recover to RF,
3 4LF Step back Turn ¼ to Right, Step RF Forward Turn ¼ to Right (9°)
5 6&7 8LF Cross RF, HOLD, RF to Right, LF behind RF and Hold, (9°)

&, Rock Forward, Shuffle back, ¼ turn, point Hold, ¼ turn left, point, hold
&12 3&4RF to Right, Rock LF forward, recover to Right, Step LF Back, Step RF beside LF, Step LF Back, (9°)
&5 6Step RF to right ¼ turn Turn right, Point LF out to Left, Hold, (12°)
&7 8Step LF Beside and Turn ¼ Left, Point RF out to R. Hold (9°)

Cross, ¼ turn Right, ½ shuffle right, rock recover, coaster step
1 2RF cross over LF, ¼ turn LF back (12)
3&4¼ turn Right RF to Right (3), LF beside RF, ¼ turn Right RF to Right (6)
5 6 7&8Rock LF forward, Recover to RF, Step LF back, RF Beside LF, Step LF forward

Alternative on 3&4 (in section 4)
Instead shuffle half, you can make 1 1/2 turn.
3&4½ turn step RF forward (6), ½ turn step LF back (12), ½ turn step RF forward (6),

Heel, Hold, &, Heel, &, Point right, Point Left, Hold, Ball step forward. Turn ¼ to left
1 2&3&4Right heel Forward, hold, Step RF beside LF, Left heel forward, LF beside RF, RF point out to Right.
&5 6 &7 8RF beside LF, LF point to left, Hold, Step LF beside RF, Step RF Forward, Turn ¼ to left (3°)

Cross, ¼ Right, Chasse ¼ right, Cross rock, Recover, Sailorstep ¼ left (6)
1 2RF Cross over LF, Step LF back Turn ¼ Right (6°),
3&4RF to right turn ¼ to right, LF beside RF. RF to Right (9°)
5 6 7&8Cross LF over RF, Recover to RF, LF behind RF Turn ¼ left. RF to Right. Recover to LF

RF Step, LF Lock, RF Step, LF Lock, RF Step, LF Step, RF Lock, LF Step, RF Lock, LF Step,
1 2 3&4Right Diagonally, Step RF forward, LF lock behind RF, Step RF forward, LF lock behind RF, Step RF forward
5 6 7&8Left Diagonally, Step LF forward, RF lock behind LF, Step LF forward, RF lock behind LF, Step LF forward
Styling tips: When you step forward with Right foot, Right shoulder down, Left foot lock – shoulder up. And vice versa

Walk ¾, Mambo step, Coaster step
1 2 3 4Walk around ¾ to Left (9°) Right, Left, Right, Left
5 6 7 8RF Rock forward, Recover to LF, Step RF Back, LF step back, RF beside LF, Step LF Forward




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