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Touch My Hand

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Pete Harkness (UK) - May 2009
Touch My Hand - David Archuleta
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*16 Count Intro

Sec 1: Step,Pivot, Kickball Step, Step Touch, Coaster Step
1,2,3&4 Step forward on right, ½ turn to left, kick R in front&step R beside L, step forward on L
5,6,7&8 Step R forward , touch L to leftside, step back on L & step R beside L, step forward on L

Sec 2: Rock Ec, Shuffle ½ Turn, Rock Rec, Shuffle ¾ Turn
1,2,3&4 Rock forward on R, rec on L, make a ½ turn R stepping R L R (facing 12 o’clock)
5,6,7&8 Rock forward on L, rec on R, make a ¾ turn L stepping L R L (facing 3 o’clock)

Sec 3: Side Behind & Heeljack Cross, ¼ Turn, Coaster Kick & Cross
1,2&3&4 Step R to side, Step L behind R&step R to side,dig L heel in front & step L beside R,cross R over L
5,6& ¼ turn R stepping back on L, step back on R & step L beside R
7&8 Kick R in front & step R beside L , cross L over R (facing 6 o’clock)

Sec 4: Modified Monterrey, Cross Rock Rec, ¼ Shuffle
1,2 Touch R toe to side,on ball of L ½ turn R stepping R beside L
3&4 Touch L toes to side & step L beside R , step R to side
5,6,7&8 Cross rock L over R, rec on R , step L ¼ turn L & step R beside L , step forward on L (facing 9 o’clock)

Sec 5: Toe Switches , Touch &Kneepop, Touch ¼ Turn, Coaster Touch
1&2& Touch R toes in front&step R beside L, touch L toes in front&step L beside R
3&4& Touch R to side&step R beside L, touch L to R instep popping L knee over R&step L in place
5,6,7&8& Touch R to side,¼ turn R keep weight on L,step back on R& step L beside R,touch R toes in Front, Step R beside L

Sec 6: Heel Hook Step, Step, Pivot, ¼ Shuffle, Rock, Recover
1&2,3,4 Dig L heel in front & touch L toes across R foot , step forward on L, step forward on R, ½ turn to L
5&6,7,8 ¼ turn L stepping R to side &step L beside R , step R to side, rock back on L, rec on R (facing 3 o’clock)
RESTART: ON Wall 3 Replace counts 5&6,7,8 of Sec 6 with the following
5&6 ¼ turn L stepping R to side & step L beside R, ¼ turn L stepping back on R
7&8 rock back on L & rec on R , step forward on L (Re-start the dance from the beginning facing 12 o’clock)

Sec 7: Syncopated Triple Turn Right, Step, ¼ Turn, Cross, Hitch And Step
1,2&3 1/4 turn R stepping back on L, ¼ turn R stepping R to side step L beside R, step R ¼ turn R (facing 12 o’clock)
4,5,6 Step forward on L, ¼ turn to R , cross L over R slightly turning to R diagonal (5 o’clock)
7&8 Still facing R diagonal hitch R leg & step R beside L , step forward on L

Sec 8: Step Pivot , Diagonal Shuffle , Step Pivot , Side Close Forward
1,2,3&4 Step forward on R ,1/2 turn to L (facing 11 o’clock), shuffle R L R towards 11 o’clock
5,6,7& Step forward on L, ½ turn to R(facing 5 o’clock)step L to side turning to face 6 o’clock &step R beside L
8 Step forward on L


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