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Tough Guy

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Lilian Lo (HK) - February 2020
bad guy - Billie Eilish : (3:14)
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Intro: 32 counts

(S1) [1 – 8] Side, tap, side, tap, hip bump x 2, ball cross
1,2,3,4RF step to side, raise R arm, close fist, bend elbow at right angle (1), LF tap on spot (2), LF step in place, raise L arm, close fist, bend elbow at right angle (3), RF tap on spot (4)
5,6,7&8Hip bump to L 2 times (5,6), hold (7), RF close to LF (&), LF cross over RF (8)

(S2) [9 – 16] Side behind, side, hitch, arms release, forward, 1/4 L, side, shoulders up-down
1,2,3,4RF step to side (1), LF cross behind RF (2), RF step side side (3), LF hitch, release arms (4)
5,6LF step forward (5), turn ¼ L, RF step to side, split weight (6) @9:00
7&8Hold (7), raise both shoulders up as if take deep breath (&), release shoulders (8)

(S3) [17 – 24] Back, together, shuffle, forward, hitch, back, hook
1,2RF step backward (1), LF close to RF (2)
3&4RF step forward (3), LF cross behind RF (&), RF step forward (4)
5,6LF step forward (5), RF hitch behind, bend upper body forward (6)
7,8RF step backward (7), LF hook across (8)

(S4) [25 – 32] Forward, full turn, ¼ L, side, close, hip bump x 2
1,2LF step forward (1), turn ½ L, RF step backward (2) @3:00
3,4Turn ½ L, LF step forward (3), turn ¼ L, RF step to side (4) @6:00
5,6LF close to RF keeping weight on LF (5), hold (6)
7,8Hip bump to L 2 times (7,8)

Tag: Happens at the end of Wall 3 and Wall 7, both facing 6:00
1 – 8RF step to side (1), hip roll or body roll ending with weight on LF (2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

At the end of Wall 9 facing 6:00, after a 4-count hold, music slows down. Do the same routine in slow motion for one rotation plus the first 8 counts of next wall. End the dance with RF step to side facing 12:00 on count 8&.
Last Update - 4 Feb. 2020


Tom @ CRRC February 2, 2020
Weird. But, I can see that it is a dance and not just a bunch of dance phrases thrown together for no good reason. And it's obvious that the dance masterfully interprets the music, ugly and juvenile though the music is. So I have to compliment the dance despite the song. Very good dance but I doubt my group will want to invest their time and effort in it.

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