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Tractor Polka Tree

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Beginner Polka
Maie Kaasik (Estonia) September 2019
Tractor Polka by Atomik Harmonik
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Dance start at vocal

R Cross rock ,Shuffle to R side, L Cross rock, Shuffle to L side
1-2Cross rock R over L ,recover back on L
3&4Step R to R side,step L next to R ,step R to R side
5-6Cross rock L over R ,recover back on R
7&8Step L to L side,step R next to L ,step L to L side

R Stomp ,kick ,coaster step , L Stomp ,kick ,coaster step
1-2R stomp beside L , R kick forward
3&4R coaster step back
5-6L stomp beside R , L kick forward
7&8L coasterstep back

R shuffle forward ,L shuffle forward , Step ½ pivot , 2x stomp
1&2Step R forward , Step L next to R , Step R forward
3&4Step L forward , Step R next to L , Step L forward
5-6Step R fwd , pivot ½ turn L weight L foot (6:00)
7-8*2 stomp R,L

R Kick Ball Change 2x ,Step ½ pivot 2 x
1&2Kick R forward ,step R beside L,Step L down in place
3&4Kick R forward ,step R beside L,Step L down in place
5-6Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L weight L foot
7-8Step R forward ,pivot ½ turn L weight L foot




dl February 12, 2020
OK dance, but I couldn't get past the silly music.

JM_03 February 15, 2020
Nothing gets the feet moving like the polka beat... Thank you Maie, this dance is a must for my Beginners!

spark February 22, 2020
With 3 x HALF (1/2) turns, surely this is a TWO wall dance, not FOUR???

Claire D February 25, 2020
I will be teaching this 2 wall fun...not phrased burit surprisingly works.

For an easier option of 2 half pivots (music fast) I will use a rocking chair option.

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