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Trashin' It Up !

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Absolute Beginner
Heather Shepherd - January 2020
There Goes The Neighborhood - Gretchen Wilson
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Intro: 32 Counts from main beat (Rotates Anti-clockwise)
No Tags, No Restarts

[1-8] Step Together, Step, Heels forward
1-2Step Right to Right side, step Left together
3-4Step Right to Right side, Touch Left
5-6Touch Left Heel forward, step Left together
7-8Touch Right Heel forward, step Right together

[1-8] Step Together, Step, Heels forward
1-2Step Left to Left side, step Right together
3-4Step Left to Left side, Touch Right
5-6Touch Right Heel forward, step Right together
7-8Touch Left Heel forward, step Left together

[1-8] Walk Forward, Walk Back
1-4Walk forward, Right, Left, Right, touch Left
5-8Walk Back, Left, Right, Left, touch Right

[1-8] Paddle Turn, 1/4 to Left
1-8Step Right to Right side, recover Left, Step Right to Right side, recover Left repeat last 4 counts, while turning a 1/4 to Left.


Facebook: Cosmic Country Line Dancing
Hope you enjoy the dance, the music will take you there !

Re: Submitted 3/4/20
Last Site Update - 4 April 2020



Jazzbox March 27, 2020
Really cute dance, love it and thank you so much for the demo.

Sandue April 2, 2020
Cute dance for new dancers and really appreciate the video.

Sandue April 2, 2020
I do like the dance, but I would like to suggest that you change the following:
3-4 Step Right to Right side. touch Left

Otherwise your weight will be on your Left which would make it difficult to Touch your Left Heel forward
Next [1-8] would be the same - you'd end up with your weight on the Right

Jazzbox April 12, 2020
In the demo, it looks like they are touching on the step togethers, rather than putting their weight on the step left together or step right together. If I use this dance, I will teach the step together but I will say touch, like in the demo.

Heather-Zara April 22, 2020
Hello Sandue, and Jazzbox .
Sorry yes I discovered the mistake after I submitted the step sheet . Have corrected it . Yes it was meant to say Touch , not step .
Sorry .
I’d much rather dance or choreograph than writing a step sheet !
Cheers thank you for commenting .

Sandue April 22, 2020
You're welcome.. It must be hard to do the step sheets and have to put it writing. Anyway - it's a very fun and easy dance and I'll be teaching it to my class (when we can have our classes again). Take care and stay safe.

Heather-Zara April 22, 2020
Ohhhh Great Sandue, thank you . I’m going to dedicate this morning to video a few teaching demos to my dancers on Copperknob. Nearly all my dancers are for beginners or for women my age who just wants to dance with out stressing about a more challenging dance . ( I did them all over 20 years ago) so I’m very happy to cater for my newbies...and me .
Did u have a look at my other dancers ? Trashin’ it is my easiest . I just loved the music !! I should have my upper beginner/ improver dance to same music so I can split the floor when we finally get back to our classes . Stay well . Thanks for getting back to me 👢

Jazzbox April 23, 2020
Thank you Heather-Zara for making those changes. I plan to use this dance in my class, love the music and know this dance will be a hit.

Heather-Zara April 23, 2020
Thank you Jazzbox , lovely of you to get back to me. I’m sure in my head, I was writing touch but my fingers just typed step , and it wasn’t really picked up till my friend in New Zealand videoed for her dancers. ... and I could see she was stepping (as per step sheet ) instead of touching !!! So I looked at my sheet and there it was !!!! Omg so I quickly changed it n informed my friend who redid it n posted on copperknob !!! I typed up about 6 that day .... all my new ones . Yes it does do my head in doing the step sheets . Old brain .
Thanks again for taking interest and teaching to your new dancers when we are back at the classes again . Where are you situated ?

Sandue April 23, 2020
I'm no spring chicken either but I still teach an AB and Beginner class - plan on doing it as long as I can. I had told my class that I was thinking of retiring and they all said - please don't. I love line dancing - it's my addiction and now I'm going through withdrawal LOL (hope the corona virus goes away soon).

Stayin Alive June 2, 2020
Love the dance, great job!

Heather-Zara June 11, 2020
Thank you for commenting that was very nice of you. I just loved the music 🎵

Stayin Alive June 12, 2020
I teach at The Villages, Florida and soon our classes will resume. Your dance will be on my list.

Heather-Zara June 12, 2020
Ohhhh thank you . Wow that’s sooooo cool ! Much appreciated . Are you just looking for really really easy dancers ???? For your beginners

Well we are still dancing outside on the basket ball court waiting for our venue to open ! But think it’s gonna rain tomorrow morning so will have to cancel !!!
Lovely to hear from you
Do up a video n post it on copperknob . I’d love that ❤️
My face book is Cosmic Country Line Dancing love from Australia 🇦🇺 stay well ❤️

Sandue June 12, 2020
For Staying Alive - I teach in The Villages, Florida also. I guess we'll both be teaching this dance (it goes to a lot of music which is what I always look for).

Heather-Zara June 12, 2020
Yes it certainly can go to lots of music . I have a lot of theme events
Australia Day
4th july ( Although we are Aussies )
Bastille day
N we dress up as well as I change the music to fit the theme .
Have you checked out my other dancers on copperknob ? I think the 2 I still like doing the best is Day Drinkin
Misty Blue Waltz

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