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Traveler Three

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Ganean De La Grange & Cianne Demarah McGinnis
Honey - Ricky Skaggs
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1Tap left heel forward
2Tap left heel forward
1Step back on left
2Step back on right
3Step back on left
4Step beside left with right
1Heel splits (1 count)
2Heel splits (1 count)
(Do the following six steps at a 45 degree angle forward to the right.)
1Step right forward
2Slide left foot behind right
3Step right forward
4Side left foot behind right
5Step right forward
6Touch left beside right
1Step forward on left
2Kick right forward
3Step back on right
4Touch back left toe
1While turning ¼ turn left, step on left foot
2Kick forward right
3Step back on right
4Touch back left toe
(Do the following five steps at a 45 degree angle forward to the right.)
1Step left forward
2Slide right foot behind left
3Step left forward
4Slide right foot behind left
5Step left forward
6Brush right with right foot
1When you are about ¾ through the previous brush step, do a ¼ turn right, stepping down on the right foot at the end of the brush
2Step left behind right
3Step right straight forward
4Step left behind right
5Step straight forward on right
6Stomp touch left beside right
1Touch left toe to left side
2Touch left foot beside right
3Touch left heel forward
4Cross left foot in front of right knee
5Touch left heel forward
6Touch left toe back
7Step forward on left
8Brush right with right foot
1Step to right side on right
2Step behind right with left
3Step to right side on right
4Brush left with left foot
1Step to left side with left
2Step behind left with right
3Step to left side with left
4Stomp touch right beside left
1Step forward on right
2Pivot ½ turn to the right with left leg out straight



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