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Treat People With Kindness

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Phrased High Intermediate
June Toh (MY) - March 2021
Treat People With Kindness - Harry Styles
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Sequence : AB AB C A(16 counts) BBB
Intro: 32 counts (sync actions with the lyrics written in bold)

Stand feet apart with chin resting on R fist which is propped on L arm which, in turn, is wrapped across the waist (Maybe)
Step R to R diagonal placing L hand to L waist and R hand to forehead like shading one's eyes, look to R diagonal (...find a)
Shift weight to L, with hands still in place, move head from R to centre, looking forward (place)
Shoulder pops(down,up, down) beginning with R down L up ( to feel good)
Walk 4 slow steps forward RLRL, then step R to right spreading arms from centre to sides (...kindness)

A: 64 counts
[1-8] R cross rock, side shuffle, weave R
1-2 3&4Step R across L, recover onto L, shuffle right R-L-R
5-6-7-8Step L across R, step R to right, step L behind R, step R to right

[9-16] L cross rock, side shuffle, weave L
1-2 3&4Step L across R, recover onto R, shuffle left L-R-L
5-6-7-8Step R across L, step L to left, step R behind L, step L to left

[17-24] R back diagonal shuffle, L back diagonal shuffle, step R, heel swivels
1&2Step R to R back diagonal, step L beside R, step R to R back diagonal
3&4Step L to L back diagonal, step R beside L, step L to L back diagonal
5-6-7-8Step R to right(5), swivel L heel in towards R(6), then L toe(7), and L heel(8)

[25-32] R Pivot ½ , R pivot ½ , R jazz box
1-2-3-4Step R forward and pivot ½ turn left onto L, repeat
5-6-7-8Step R across L, step L back, step R to right, step L forward

[33-40] And touch L unwind L full turn, big step R back diagonal
&1-2-3-4Step R to right(&) touch L behind R(1), unwind left over 3 counts to face front again ending with weight on L
5-6-7-8Take a big step R back to R diagonal sliding L towards R with arms spread

[41-48] Box shuffles, R cross step
1&2 3&4L side shuffle to left L-R-L(12:00), making a ¼ turn L, R side shuffle to right R-L-R (9:00)
5&6 7-8Making a ¼ turn L, L side shuffle to left L-R-L(6:00), step R across L, hold

[49-56] Unwind ½ turn L, and touch L forward, then R forward
1-2-3-4Slow turn ½ L changing weight to L, with R hand on right waist and L arm open to left side with palm facing up
&5-6Step R slightly back(&) touch L to front bringing R hand towards L knee and L arm up and back(5), hold(6)
&7-8Step L slightly back(&) touch R to front bringing L hand towards R knee and R arm up and back(7), hold(8)

[57-64] 4 steps back, R side rock cross, L side rock cross, R side rock
1-2-3-4Walk 4 steps back RLRL slowly raising arms from side of body to above ears, palms down
5&6&R side rock , recover onto L, step R across L, L side rock,
7&8&recover onto R, step L across R, R side rock, recover onto L

B: 32 counts
[1-8] Walk fwd 4 steps to L diagonal beginning on R, step R, touch L fwd, stomp L, kick L fwd jumping back onto R
1-2-3-4Facing L diagonal walk 4 steps forward R-L-R-L with arms swinging, almost like marching(10:30)
5-6-7-8Still facing L diagonal step R forward, touch L forward, stomp L beside R, kick L forward while jumping back slightly onto R and throwing both arms forward

[9-16] Step back L-R, behind side cross, step R fwd ¼ turn R, hitch L and turn ⅜ R on the ball of R, L coaster step
1-2 3&4Step L back, step R back(10:30) step L behind R, step R beside L, step L across R(12:00)
5-6-7&8&Step R forward ¼ turn R(3:00), hitch L and begin turning ⅜ R on R(7:30) still facing 7:30 step L back(&), step R beside L(8), step L forward(&)

[17-24] Chug ⅝ turn L while shimmying shoulders
1-2-3-4Lightly stomp R foot 4 times with shoulder shimmies while beginning to turn L on L foot
5-6-7-8Continue to stomp the next 4 counts while completing the turn to 12:00 (lean back slightly when chugging with the shoulder shimmies)

[25-32] Crouch down, jump up opening arms, weave L beginning with R across L
1-2-3-4Looking down, bend forward placing hands on knees with feet together(1) hold (2) jump feet apart opening arms upwards (3) shifting weight to L, hold (4)
5&6&Step R across L, step L beside R, step R behind L, step L beside R
7&8&Step R across L, step L beside R, step R behind L, step L beside R

C: 52 counts
[1-8] R nightclub step, side, hold, behind side (12:00)
1-2-3-4Take a big step to the right on right foot, hold, slide L to step slightly behind R, step R across L
5-6-7-8Take a big step to the left on left foot,hold, slide R to step behind L, step L to L side

[9-16] R cross rock, recover, L cross rock, recover
1-2-3-4Step R across L, hold, recover onto L, step R to R
5-6-7-8Step L across R, hold, recover onto R, step L to L

[17-32] Repeat [1-16] a ¼ turn L (9:00)

[33-36] ½ turn, ¼ turn
1-2-3-4Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L onto L, step R forward, pivot ¼ turn L onto L

[37-44] Walk 8 steps in a circle (clockwise) beginning with R and ending with L
1-2-3-4Step R forward beginning the circle to the R, continue stepping L- R- L
5-6-7-8Continue stepping R- L- R- L to complete the circle to face front again (12:00)

[45-52]Feet together, spread hands (it's OK), anticlockwise run or run in a random manner for 4 counts
1-2-3-4Step R beside L spreading your hands from centre to sides as if to say 'it's okay'
5&6&7&8&Run in a circle to the left (anticlockwise) in 8 steps beginning with R ending with L to face front again.

Alternately, you may make a random run around but remember to end facing 12:00. Feel free to do whatever you like for these 4 counts. You can also choose to stay on the spot and just wave your arms or wiggle your hips....have fun!
NB: Thank you to my daughters, Michelle and Sophia, for the song suggestion, tips and ideas <3


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