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Intermediate / Advanced
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Darren Bailey (UK) - March 2013
Trespassing - Adam Lambert
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Tag: at ends of walls - 3, 6, 10
Restart After First 8 Counts on Wall 9

Stomp Out R,L,R Flick and Roll, Twist toe, heel, toe.
1 - 2Stomp Right foot to right side, Stomp Left foot to left side.
3 & 4Stomp Right foot in place, Flick Left foot behind right knee, Step Left foot to left side.
5 & 6Body Roll to left side (Facing 12 o’clock), Step Right foot beside Left foot, Step Left foot to left side (shoulder width apart)
7 & 8Twist Right toe in, Twist Left heel in, Twist Right toe in, Making 1/8 of turn Left (facing 10:30) ending with feet together
(Restart here wall 9)

Pop x2, Rock forward, Rock back, 1/2 turn, 1/2 turn Jump
1 - 2Walk Right foot forward, Popping Left knee forward, Walk Left foot forward, Popping Right knee forward (facing 10:30)
3 & 4Rock Right foot forward, Recover onto Left foot, Step Right foot back
5 & 6Rock Left foot back, Recover onto Right foot, Step Left foot forward
7 - 8Make 1/2 turn left stepping Right foot back, Continue rotation over left shoulder, Jumping 1/2 turn Left with feet together. (Counts 7 & 8 combined make a full turn facing 10.30)

Walk R, L, Run R, L, R, Back heel twist x2, Rock 1/4 turn
1 - 2Walk Right foot forward, Walk Left foot forward (Facing 10:30)
3 & 4Step Right foot to right side making 1/8 turn left (To face 9:00), Step Left foot back, Step Right foot back
5 - 6Step Left foot back and grind right heel, step right foot back and grind left
7 & 8Rock Left foot behind Right foot, Recover weight onto Right, Step Left foot forward making 1/4 ! turn Left (To face 6:00)

Switches x3, Flick and step, 1/4 turn left, Body Roll
1 & 2Touch Right foot to right side, Step Right foot forward, Touch Left foot to left side
& 3 & 4Step Left foot forward, touch Right foot to right side, Flick Right foot behind left knee, touching Right foot to right side
5 - 6Step Right foot forward, Pivot 1/4 turn left, Feet slightly apart (3 o’clock)
7 - 8Stomp Right foot beside Left foot, Body Roll up to finish.

16 Count TAG
1 - 2Stomp Right Foot Shoulder width apart, push Right shoulder forward (as you stomp) x2
3 & 4(Feet should be shoulder width apart) Slap Right thigh with right hand, Slap Left thigh with Left hand, Clap both hands in front of chest
5 - 6Hitch Right knee up slapping both sides of your Right knee, Hitch Left knee up Slapping both sides of you Left knee
7 &Clap both hand in front of chest x2
8Finish with Right arm and hand extended, Pointing to Right side, And Left hand under your chin

Repeat Counts 1 - 8

Last Revision - 4th March 2013


Osage April 2, 2015
Goooood job!!

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