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True Believers

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Amy Auger & Dee Blansett (USA) - January 2013
True Believers - Darius Rucker
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16 count intro

Walk Forward (2X), Right Forward Shuffle, Step Left Forward, ¼ turn Right, Cross Shuffle
1-2Walk forward on Right (1), Walk forward on Left (2)
3&4Step forward Right (3), Step Left beside Right (&), Step forward Right (4)
5-6Step forward on Left (5), Pivot ¼ turn Right (6) weight on right
7&8Cross Left foot over Right (7), Step Right side right (&), Cross Left foot over Right (8)

Step out Right, out Left, Raise Heels (Up - Down), Right Knee Pop, Straighten, Left Cross Kick, Replace
1-4Step Right side right (1), Step Left side left (2), Raise both heels up (3), place both heels down in place (4) – Keeping both legs straight
5Pop Right knee in - keeping left leg straight (5)
6Place Right foot down in place (6) weight on right
7-8Cross kick Left foot low in front of Right leg (7), Replace Left side left (8)

Right Cross Rock - Recover, Step Right, Hold, Ball-Step with ¼ Turn Right, Step, ¼ Pivot Right, Cross Step
1-4Cross Rock Right foot (1), Recover onto Left (2), Step Right side right (3), Hold (4)
&5Step Left foot directly beside Right (&), ¼ turn Right stepping Right foot forward (5) 6:00 Wall
6-8Step forward Left (6), Pivot ¼ turn Right (7), Cross Left foot over Right (8) 9:00 Wall

Touch Right, Kick Right, Cross behind, Step Left, Right Cross Rock - Recover, Sway, Sway
1-2Touch Right toe down next to Left (1), Kick Right diagonally forward (2)
3-4Step Right behind Left (3), Step Left side left (4)
**** Restart occurs here – only once during wall 9, you will be facing the 9:00 Wall
5-8Cross Rock Right foot (5), Recover onto Left (6), Slight sway to Right (7), Recover to Left (8)


Choreographers: -
Amy Auger, Avon Lake, OH -
Dee Blansett, Concord, OH -


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