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Tu m'appelles

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Silvia Schill (DE) - June 2019
Tu m'appelles (feat. PEACHY) - Adel Tawil
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The dance begins with the vocals (2+2 walls)

Dorothy Steps R + L, Rock Forward & Rock Forward
1-2&Step diagonally right forward with RF- cross LF behind RF and step diagonally right forward with RF
3-4&Step diagonally left forward with LF - cross RF behind LF and step diagonally left forward with LF
5-6Step forward with RF, weight back on LF.
&7-8RF beside LF and step forward with LF - weight back on RF

Back 2, Sailor Step Turning ¼ L, Rock Side-Cross R + L (Traveling Forward)
1-22 steps backwards, swinging the leading foot backwards in a circle (L - R)
3&4Cross LF behind RF - ¼ turn left, RF beside LF and step forward with LF (9 o'clock)
5&6Step to right with RF, step weight back onto LF and cross RF over left.
7&8Step to left with LF, step weight back onto RF, cross LF over right.
Tag/Restart: In the 3rd and 8th round - direction 9 o'clock - stop here, dance the tag and start all over again.
Restart: In the 5th round - direction 12 o'clock - stop here and start from the beginning

Step, Pivot ¼ L 2 x, Cross, Side, Sailor Step
1-2Step forward with RF - ¼ turn left around on both bales, weight at the end on LF (6 o’clock)
3-4As 1-2 (at '1-4' let the hips circle in a semicircle from back to front) (3 o'clock)
5-6Cross RF over LF - Step left with LF
7&8Cross RF behind LF - step left with LF and weight back on RF

Cross, ¼ Turn L, Shuffle Back Turning ½ L, Mambo Forward, Coaster Step
1-2Cross LF over RF - ¼ turn left around and step backwards with RF (12 o'clock)
3&4¼ turn left around and step left with LF - RF beside LF, ¼ turn left around and step forward with LF (6 o'clock)
5&6Step forward with RF- weight back on LF and small step backwards with RF
7&8Step back with LF, RF beside LF and small step forward with LF

Repeat to the end

Tag: after the end of the 10th round – 9 o’clock
Side, Touch/Snap R + L
1-2Step to right with RF, touch LF beside RF (snap at chest level)
3-4Step to left with LF, tap RF beside LF (snap at hip level)

And don't forget to smile, because dancing is fun!
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