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Turn Around Nightclub

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Beginner NC
Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - September 2017
Love Remains - Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
another slow nightclub beat
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Start on the word born..

(1 - 8) Basic Nightclub step R, Basic nightclubstep L, cross behind, turn 1/4, step, sweep, turn 1/4
1,2 &Step R to right (big step), step ball of L behind R and return weight to R
3,4 &Step L to left (big step), step ball of R behind L and return weight to L
5, 6 &Step R to right, cross L behind R, turn 1/4to right and step forward on R
7, 8 &Step L forward, sweep R over L (weigt on R on count 8), step back on L and turn 1/4.

(9 - 16) Cross shuffle, turn 1/4, turn 1/4, step, cross shuffle, sweep, turn 1/4, turn 1/4
1, 2 & 3step R to right (big step), cross L over R, step R to right, cross L over R (weigt on L)
4 & 5sweep R over L (weight on R on count 4), turn 1/4 to right, step back on L (count &), turn 1/4 and step R to right (big step)
6 & 7cross L over R, step R to right, cross L over R
8 &sweep R over L (weight on L on count 8), turn 1/4 and step back on L (count &)
Turn 1/4 to right to start again with big step with R to right side.



OLDSALTY September 13, 2017
Thank You so much Karianne I absolutely love Gary O'Riley's LOVE REMAINS dance However not every dancer can achieve this level and dancers/teachers live in hope that someone would Choreograph an easier dance to wonderful music like this for Everyone too enjoy. Well you did just that with this and I think very well. Not only did you quite geniusly manage to use only 16 counts granted with lots of hand beats to a 3.58 min track, but you did as good a job at Beg level as Gary did with his Int dance.Need this so much for Saturday Wish me luck I will get back to You with Feed Back Vicky Wales GB

karianne November 17, 2017
oh thank you so much Vicky :-) hope everything went well :-)

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