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Turn Back The Time

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Beginner waltz
Claire Bell (UK) - June 2018
Dream (feat. Stephen Gately) - Boyzone : (Album: Thankyou and Goodnight - iTunes)
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#24 count intro

Section 1: Left twinkle, cross, point, hold
1,2,3Cross left over right (1), step right to right (2), step left to left (3)
4,5,6Cross right over left (4), point left to left (5), hold (6)

Section 2: Rock back, look, hold, recover, sweep ¼ right
1,2,3Rock back on left (1), turning body slightly look over left shoulder (2) hold (for styling extend left arm forward) (3)
4,5,6Recover weight forward on right (turn body to front wall) (4) Sweep left ¼ turn right (5-6)

Section 3: Cross, ¼ left, back, back, ¼ left, forward
1,2,3Cross left over right (1), turn ¼ left stepping back on right (2), step back on left (3)
4,5,6Step back on right (4) turn ¼ left stepping left to left side (5) step forward on right (6)
*Restart on wall 6 (Wall 7 starts at 6.o’clock)

Section 4: Step, kick, side, drag
1,2,3Step forward on left (1), kick right forward over 2 counts (2-3)
4,5,6Long step right to right side (4) drag left to meet right (5-6)

*Restart on wall 6 after section 3

Finish dance on count 1 section 4 facing front and bring arms out to the side on the lyrics “fly” :-)


Alibobs July 1, 2018
Great little beginner dance, absolutely love it

alipbra July 4, 2018
Lovely dance Claire . Can't wait to learn this one X

Claire B July 4, 2018
Thankyou for your lovely comments xx

friend July 4, 2018
I love this waltz , has a slight twist to it and fits the music well xxx

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