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Nuri & Wina D ULD. (February 2018)
The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
Intro : 48 counts

S1----Kick forward, kick side, turn ¼ right sailor coster, repeat on L, turn ¼ left sailor coaster
1-2Kick R forward, kick R to right side
3-4Turn ¼ right, sweep R back, close L beside R, step forward on R
5-6Kick L forward, kick L to left side
7&8Turn ¼ left sweep L back, close R beside L, step forward on L

S2---- Step Forward, Lock Shuffle, Rock Recover Turn ¼ left, Chasse
1-2Step forward on R, Lock L behind R
3&4Step forward on R, lock L behind R, step forward on R
5-6Rock forward on L, recover on R
7&8Turn ¼ left step L to L side, step R next to L, step L to L side

S3---Toe & Toe & Heel & Heel , Together, Kick ball close, hold, swivel
1&Touch R toe right side, step R together
2&Touch L toe left side, step L together
3&Touch R heel forward, step R together
4&Touch L heel forward, step L together
5&Kickforward R, step R together
6&Step ball forward on L, step R next to L
&8Twist heels and both knee up to L, twist heels and both knee up to R

S4---- Back Walk R-L ( moon walk ), Coaster Step, Forward, Pivot, Lock Shuffle
1-2Step slide back R while keep on L heel up, step slide back L while keep on R heel up
3&4Step back on R, close L beside R, step forward on R
5-6Step forward on L, turn ½ right step R in place
7&8Step on forward L, lock R behind L, step forward L

Replace on wall 6 count 5-8
5-6Rock forward on L, recover on R
7&8Coaster step ( step back on L, close R beside L, step forward on L )

Variasi after wall 6 on 12.00 ( 32 count )
V1. Side Close, Back Shuffle, Side Close Forward Shuffle
1-2Step R to right side, step L close beside R
3&4Step back on R, step L beside R, step R back
5-6Step L to left side, step R close beside L
7&8Step L forward, step R beside L, step L forward
V2. Side Recover, Cross Shuffle2x
1-2Rock to side R, recover on L
3&4Shuffle R across infront of left = R-L-R
5-6Rock to side L, recover on R
7-8Shuffle L across in front of right = L-R- Let
V3. Rock recover back shuffle, rock recover forward shuffle
1-2Rock forward on R, recover on L
3&4Step back shuffle on R, R-L-R
5-6Rock back on L, recover on R
7&8Step forward shuffle on L, L-R-L
V4. 1/2 turn R Shuffle Forward-1/2 turn L shuffle fwd.
1-2Step forward on R, turn ½ left step L in place
3&4Forward shuffle on R, R-L-R
5-6Step forward on L, turn ½ right step R in place
7&8Forward shuffle on L, L-R-L

Contact: Dwiastuti0204@gmail.com

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